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  1. He's strong in the force, but it only works while he's screaming.

  2. An eternity of getting to leave work a little early but getting stuck in unexpected traffic so as to arrive home at the same time you would have if you had left work at a normal time.

  3. I don't think we're ever going to be fully rid of them, sadly. I think there are steps we can take to lessen the frequency, and it would take a combination of ACTUAL common sense gun laws, plus mental health, red flag laws, and making sure these crazy people stop slipping through the cracks after they're ALREADY on the radar. But everyone wants the "golden bullet" if you'll pardon the expression. Not a single one of these things will work on its own, we need to address all angles, but it's just gotten so political...so frustrating.

  4. So all this made me think of Yoda’s Secret War, a really weird and different arc of the 2015 Star Wars comics. There was blue stone that enabled its users to have stone power, the ancient ones were the ancestors to the race present in the comic. They was actual living mountains. I could be wrong, but there’s a lot of connections.

  5. I really like the Yoda-centric comics. There's a yoda comic right now that's really good too.

  6. The visuals were okay and all, but when is this season going to start? This show is continuously dragging its feet, with only a handful of substantial episodes sprinkled throughout.

  7. Oh my god! This line and it's delivery has been living in my head since I saw the movie the first time!

  8. How did she improvise it? They literally asked her to sing it… in the exact clip you linked

  9. I meant she improvised the sound of it. I thought it was cool that the way she came up with to sing it in the spur of the moment was almost exactly how it ended up in the movie.

  10. So is whataburger good because it's open all hours? Because I went to one on a vacation to Phoenix and it was good but nothing special

  11. Mine does. And it's only since Dragonflight that I've noticed it. Luckily it's not really a big deal but it is weird.

  12. God there’s options. I believe they have orange toothpaste for cancer patients bc mint can be too much. Then there’s bubblegum toothpaste for kids. He has options.

  13. I use sensodyne and I usually just grab whatever off the shelf as long as it's sensodyne and so one time whatever variety I had bought had literally no flavor. Maybe a HINT of mint. I'm talking LaCroix Mint Sensodyne. I thought it was weird but it's probably right up this guy's alley.

  14. It never fails to make me giggle that so many players thought there was some mystical lore to the donkey lady only to find it’s really just a shitpost of an easter egg.

  15. I watched a video of a guy who kicked a horse and the horse kicked back. He definitely found out then.

  16. Have you seen the video where a mare kicks a stallion in the head? They were trying to breed it and the mare was like "NOT INTERESTED." It's like an off-switch, the way that horse just DROPS.

  17. "What in the ChittyChittyBB is going on in here?

  18. Wasn't the origin that when they were forming someone told them that their band would go over like a lead zeppelin?

  19. Yep, and it was actually Keith Moon of The Who, lol.

  20. To be fair to them, they really are, well, kids. They only found Cid because they were looking for help from Jedi, which they had all basically been brainwashed to do. Well, except Omega, but she was trying to help and she wanted an authority figure too.

  21. Not exactly, Echo knew that Cid was a contact of the Jedi, which you would think would make her at least *somewhat* trustworthy. Although as others have pointed out, she literally tells Hunter that they shouldn't trust her.

  22. Normally Tech is so expressionless that when he shows the barest hint of emotion on his face it's kind of intense. That part where he volunteers, his "serious" face is pretty intense for being so mild.

  23. "Look, I'm sorry friend, I can barely speak English"

  24. Funny that "cookie" and "Wookiee" also rhyme in Ubese.

  25. Has there been another time skip? If so, how long?

  26. The Mandalorian started around 9 ABY. The events of the show and BoBF have been over the course of several months I think. For reference, the Battle of Endor happened in 4 ABY.

  27. Didn't Favreau say that the something like 1 or 2 years have passed since the beginning of the show?

  28. I hadn’t heard anything specific. I was just going off my gut feeling. I do wish they’d give us more concrete timelines on stuff. Although I suppose keeping it more nebulous gives them more leeway when tying the events of the other shows together.

  29. A man runs into the psychiatrist’s office and starts shouting “I’M A TIPI! I’M A WIGWAM! I’M A TIPI! I’M A WIGWAM!” The psychiatrist grabs him by the shoulders and says “Relax, man! You’re two tents!”

  30. I'm not sure I think she should have been fired (or maybe it's just that I like Cara Dune and I'm bummed we won't get more), but honestly I have zero sympathy for her. She was warned multiple times and even Jon Favreau went to bat for her and she STILL had to just keep testing the limits. This is Disney we're talking about...

  31. Maybe don't make/post holocaust memes if you enjoy steady employment.

  32. Yeah, that's why I find it hard to scrape up any sympathy for her lol.

  33. Tourette's. It often peaks around middle-school which is, hilariously, also when kids are the meanest.

  34. Taco Bell used to have a chihuahua as their mascot. Little dude just disappeared one day and anyone born after 2000 probably doesn't even know what I am talking about.

  35. Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, AKA Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life, Mr Crocker from Fairly OddParents, and Deputy Garcia from Reno 911!

  36. Have you seen those warriors from Hammerfell?

  37. My dad will watch a standup comedy special on TV and sit there stone faced for an hour. Afterword he will turn and say "he was pretty good!"

  38. I've gotten to that point and it feels weird. I'll watch something I think is hilarious and somehow not laugh the entire time. I love when something makes me cackle.

  39. You can grow tumours with hair, teeth, and eyes but no heart or brain

  40. Hey, that's my son we're talking about!

  41. Your intestines "know" what shape they're supposed to be in, and can move themselves, which means gut surgeons can just stuff them back into you when they're done and they'll sort themselves out.

  42. Your intestines know where they should be at all times. They know this because they know where they shouldn’t be. By subtracting where they should be from where they shouldn’t be, or where they shouldn’t be from where they should be (whichever is greater), they obtain a difference, or deviation.

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