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  1. Haunter literally only gets a blue tounge. When useing shiny Gengar its difference is slighty noticeable still no excuse for that terrible shiny.

  2. Shiny Haunter used to have blue mist around its hand

  3. You entered AR mode, carefully sneaked up on it, fully tamed it, and only then tossed your ball for a successful capture.

  4. No, he knocked it out using a bronco rifle with tranq darts then filled it inventory with Multres kibble

  5. They do about 20% more damage but have 20% less defense

  6. It's absolutely better than the gen 8 starters that's for sure.

  7. Hope: snom, Fear: just hats, prodiction: hats and galarian daramaku

  8. Here is the Fandom wiki entry, I checked it includes were each fish is

  9. He changed his comment. The original one said he would randomly evolve it at the last minute

  10. There's a Decent bit of mods from what I've seen, but where to find them is beyond me

  11. Okay what it, is it legal to carry out the case with the same thing as the first time I had to walk miles on the road to get a job where I live in a city and I'm going for the same feelings I had with you last year when you get to go to the ground type pokemon cards to get the best of all the way to a mp3 and a little bit more than the one you have a good time with the girls big and a few people who are going out with a belt that I have to buy clothes and get to do in the morning so that you don't use it for the song or not a movie that is a Hindu of a song in a movie theater or something that you could possibly use for the game in a gallon or a bowl.

  12. You can tell the games good because it has tomar

  13. In BDSP wasn't Drifloon only available once and on a Friday night or something? They definitely would do that

  14. That's not just from bdsp, it's was from the og diamond and pearl

  15. Because it is with its stock layout, you've most likely modified it

  16. quite bold of him to point out issues that fans will pretend don't exist anyway

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