1. Logical thinking is more like basics of logic and set theory such as truth tables etc. You will get videos and practice problems later Algorithmic thinking is just a wide range of puzzles

  2. First I'd suggest looking at your MIDI traffic (i.e outside FL) using (free) software eg MIDI-OX to see if your keyboard is generating MIDI messages correctly.

  3. Thanks for the help! I installed MIDI-OX and the results are just the same as in FL Studio. Chords are impossible, and only sometimes is a signal from a key sent to the software - either only note on (and the sound in the program continues even though I released the key IRL) or only note off - never both from a single key press though.

  4. I like that you own the copypasta potential and posted it shamelessly. Also, don't worry man, we've all been there, you'll get to where you want eventually :)

  5. I agree with you on Complications being the worst. I know this is the most generic answer I could give, but I Remember is by far my favorite. In fact, it's my favorite deadmau5 track period. Listening to it is heaven...

  6. I've stumbled across that before. There's a paywall behind some of the features in SA and I've even considered paying to see more of this thread and what Neil posted. It's honestly like a time capsule, these forums, among others, predated social media, and it's fascinating to see the way people acted and internet etiquette at the time, for me at least. As for past Neil, while majorly different from his present self, this doesn't change my opinion of him... It was more than a decade ago. But it is interesting in a weird way to see him in such a different light

  7. really? Im pretty sure I was able to access the whole thread just fine.

  8. Да ти се изсера в гръкляна, да ти се препълнят дробовете с лайна!

  9. Idk what it is with 15 year olds and being constipated but here's my story from my teenage years

  10. Дайте на 487, 257 да направим малко българско знаменце между сърчицата.

  11. EDIT #9: Пазете знамената и следете Discord канала за статус на живо. Бъдете здрави!

  12. Направо кажи, че втората локация става главна - виж там колко се разширяваме и никой не ни пречи.

  13. Greetings, we are trying to form a Lemon Demon logo in the square (corners 603, 118; 635, 118; 603, 147; 635, 147). We would appreciate if the romanian flag did not go upwards and destroy our logo. Let's settle this in peace

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