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  1. Did you inject the entire syringe? Looks very wet. Half a syringe is enough for a bag.

  2. There’s not a pattern. Just a bunch of blinking lights toward the sky. Can’t wait for the drone footage.

  3. I saw “Company” at The Azienda Theater on Paris Rd. last month. It was decent. $10 a pop.

  4. This shit is so high quality it's not even tin foil anymore, it's aluminum foil

  5. Honestly depends on the certain size and necessity for drivers at your center. We had about 6 seasonal drivers from last year get moved to 22.4s .

  6. In the interview they said pay was 21/ hr. Union. Are 22.4s union?

  7. I should have specified. Casual Package Driver

  8. I wish the DNC would have sunk more money into campaigning for Luke Mixon. From the one commercial I’ve seen he’s got a chance if anybody knew about him. Small town boy, family values, Navy pilot. You just don’t see anything about him unless you look. And people don’t.

  9. 4 years... that's a lot of packages to get to top pay. But I have heard it's $40-45 hour. Since this starts at $23, the numbers may be slightly different, but I get the jest. Basically I'll be nickel and dimed until 4+ years.

  10. I had a phone interview yesterday and she offered $21/ hr union right out of the gate.

  11. Congrats! Seasonal or Perm? My local station unfortunately is only offering seasonal currently (though at $23). I assume non-union.

  12. Now that I’m thinking about it, I should have asked more questions. She said after the training there’d be a 30 day probation period, so I assumed it’s permanent. Also, the union thing.

  13. I hear Liz Truss thinks removing the caps on bonuses for CEOs helps with the trickle.

  14. I have the same kind of dog. Don’t know what breed she is. Do you?

  15. We have a Spain Street, London Ave, Paris Ave, France Street, Bruxelles Street, etc etc.

  16. I got to the point that I had 4 consecutive seizures and was taken to the hospital. They put me in a medically induced coma. As people have said alcohol detox can kill you. Hopefully you have some kind of insurance and can get to a facility. I went to NOLA Detox and it was wonderful. The second day I threw up and was so shaky I couldn’t put the oxygen sensor on my finger. They gave me extra Valium that day and tapered off for the next few. Spent 10 days there and went straight to an AA meeting when I got out. I didn’t think I could live without alcohol, but it’s been 7 months and I’m great! Good luck to you! Maybe I’ll see ya in the rooms!

  17. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m paying for HBO Max on Hulu, but I’m wasting my phone battery to stream the app. I can get HBO on Roku, but it doesn’t have all the shows that the app has. It’s just the same ole HBO for a higher price. It’s like jumping though hoops to spend more money. I’ll have to find my Chromecast.

  18. Everybody has a beer belly by now. It’s essential. 🤪

  19. Looks like the rice turned out too. I’m shitty at that part.

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