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  1. Best Xmas album right here. I still got a sealed copy myself

  2. Yes. I’ve played with 3 and it was awesome. Definitely fun.

  3. Having character selection would be cool but just seeing what everyone has would be best. What would be nice is if you could pick a role when you que like tank, dps, ranged, crowd control. That way the game could balance you like WOW and if you suck at what you picked well that's on you. You wouldn't be as likely to get 4 vets being que as ranged or dps.

  4. I’m fine with not having forced classes. But when I see 3 preachers (1 is my buddy a play with) I want to change it up and I’m sure others have this thought also.

  5. I dig the new stuff overall. But some stuff feels forced at times, like they didn’t know what to do so they just pulled something random out they ass lol. But yes. The new stuff can bang just as hard as the older stuff. 1999 juggalo here

  6. Mars is super humble bro. I’ve met a bunch of times

  7. I stopped, scrolled away just to scroll back and stop again.

  8. For just how much I hate that stupid joker movie. I approve this meme. Good job

  9. Joint. I feel I get a better taste for the bud this way. Blunts are too harsh on the throat. Bowls are pretty perfect also

  10. I don’t see why not. Looks nice and clean to me. If you still think not. Clean it again

  11. Definitely will. I plan on having a finished product by end of day tomorrow

  12. My husky does this when we put him outside when guests are over. Cause he jumps up for hugs for 20 min when people show up

  13. This would be a great album to hear first. Mine was jekel bros.

  14. I can’t wait to be high enough lvl to understand this lol. (New player)

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