1. Not anymore, I used to do it all the time as a teenager, but now I'm nearing my mid 20's and I feel like I'm too old for that shit lol. These days, I don't do it any more than once in a day. Also, I try to take at least a one day break a few times a week.

  2. Some do, some don't, it depends on the individual.

  3. I LOVE them, I also really love long ass finger toes lol.

  4. I hid my long toes for so long, once I was brave and at a wedding after midnight i changed from court shoes to open toe sandals and I had taken no more than 10 paces when a relative said “ F hell you could play the piano with those. Back on went the court shoes and the toes never saw the light of day for the next few years. Lol 😂

  5. It's an acquired taste for sure, but man it's so damn sexy to me😂😂

  6. Yeah I know exactly what you mean and I don’t mind it either. She’s on her feet a lot so of course there will be some wear and tear but I find that hot as well.

  7. Frfr, even some ballerina feet look sexy as shit lol

  8. Whoa, I can't believe I just realised how gorgeous Sasha Banks feet are, especially those soles! 😍. What match was that where she is barefoot in? The first and second photo

  9. I was sleeping on her for a while too, mainly because we rarely see them unless she's wearing heel which I'm not the biggest fan of. But her feet are definitely top tier man, she would probably give a fire fj lol. Also I don't think it was a match, I think it was a segment with Carmella in like 2020.

  10. Mannn, it's an acquired taste, but they just hit different sometimes lol

  11. No specific order but, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Nia Jax, Rhea Ripley, Asuka, Bella Twins(Slight edge to Brie) Becky, Ronda, Shayna.

  12. Feet don't need to always be pedicured to be sexy.

  13. How else can I make them sexy ? More for myself I guess

  14. It depends on who you ask tbh, if you ask me, I'll say keep them natural, but someone else may say otherwise.

  15. I would definitely join. Especially for women pro wrestliners since I'm a wrestling fan. I mean there's already a sub for Divas armpits but none for feet? That's ironic.

  16. Number 3 is the biggest L of them all, just throw her away.

  17. Bro, there's no way that isn't a horse or something. I'm scared.

  18. Long ass toes, a bit of cracked skin, unpainted toenails

  19. Just have sex with feet in view or in your face and you’ll be fine. Missionary with feet in your face is money.

  20. Good point, I'll definitely keep this in mind.

  21. You'll find the right girl that will let you enjoy her feet. But until then, look at mine

  22. I've definitely seen you around, I love how sweaty your feet get lol

  23. This is why I think guys shouldn't be as transparent as they've become. The last thing we want is women hiding their feet lol

  24. For me it would be the shape, meaning the size/length of the foot, length of the toes and the mobility of the feet and toes, I don't really care for pedi's and nail polish personally.

  25. What is your favorite size or is it just if it’s all proportional?

  26. Idk if I have a specific favorite, but I do love them in the 8-11 range, I really like long toes so I'm also fine with size 7.5 and under as long as the toes aren't too short.

  27. I doubt that the same people are asking her the same exact question that they know they answer to. These are most likely newer followers, there's no need for her to be a cunt about it.

  28. Read my edit. People are entitled as fuck. I find it extremely hard to believe she'd call out people who have paid for the privilege of talking to her like that.

  29. So someone should have to pay to ask a fucking question? What kinda simp ass logic is that? It's one thing If they're asking for a custom or worn item. But we're talking about a goddamn question dude. That doesn't make it okay to be a judgmental cancer in the community, that's worse than any of the shit you and her are complaiming about. She didn't specify what questions were asked or who asked them, but I highly doubt that the same people are asking the same question that they've already gotten an answer to. That bitch was just being judgemental, she's acting like it isn't a common occurrence in the community for models to sell worn socks and shoes and make content for people with that particular kink for smelly/sweaty feet. So no, that edit wasn't valid.

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