games that end up being like $10 on clearance sales

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  1. That's not how artificial intelligence is defined at all. In fact, the training over time is literally how an intelligent agent is defined.

  2. Dude, you're claiming that there is only one type of AI in the world.

  3. You're either trolling or you don't understand what AI is from a computer science perspective. Minecraft mob behavior isn't based on any kind of artificial intelligence, and neither is an if-else tic-tac-toe bot.

  4. A surprising amount of things are horribly toxic in high doses. Whether it's nutmeg, coffee, vitamins, medicines, food, or even water, excess is usually unsafe.

  5. I read this with the old school * "killionaire" * voice

  6. Ignore that sim, why does the sim to the right have one leg and one arm, whacking another in the face?

  7. That's the same Sim, the "leg" is a heavily distorted arm, stretched out and clipping through the rest of the torso.

  8. It was very nice to see developers come together to absolutely clown on that "visuals are usually the first thing finished in development" idiot. The sheer number of morons that think a game that is multiple years away from release should look like a finished product is ridiculous.

  9. Pft, who implied that visuals are the first thing finished? On the contrary, they're often one of the last things finished. While the artists are working on the art, everyone else needs shit to do, so they grab whatever models are around and start making the gameplay systems, the story, the world - everything that you can work on without final graphics.

  10. Because you're a gem, obviously!

  11. As far as I know, many sellers on Amazon put their product in a very unpopular category like "skipping ropes" on purpose so that it’s much easier to get a #1 best seller badge

  12. This is what's happening here. It's not software gore, it's just dishonest sellers.

  13. We got another 6, and they were all gone in 7 hours.

  14. Surprised they lasted that long.

  15. That's the game where you can infinitely speed up in reverse right? And you clip through bridges?

  16. And also, in 1.0 the AI cars don't move at all. The patch causes them to drive the course... at 1 mph... until the finish line. They stop before crossing. If they are forced to win in some way, the game crashes.

  17. Our old store manager (wonderful person) let her stay and we look out for her.

  18. One of my ASMs would probably kill it. We have to hide the kittens we find from him.

  19. I have associates who would die to untangle that mess for the next 8 hours.

  20. I’ve had people ask how than “adapt” a dryer plug so they can insert it into a 15-amp outlet.

  21. I've had people ask where they can get an adapter to go from a standard 120V 15A outlet to a 240V 30A air conditioner.

  22. Ass Bind. I hate those things. THEY STANK

  23. They put 3 pallets of these things in front of the service desk when they came in. We had to move them because the whole department smelled like cinnamon and everyone had terrible headaches.

  24. Any time you buy a new computer, your first action should be to format the drive and install fresh. That's the state of the industry and it sucks.

  25. I was not aware that Lenovo made Android tablets.

  26. Wait, Blaux? As in, the desk swamp cooler scam guys? They tried to sell cheap swamp coolers (the little cube fans you put on your desk and fill with water) for $89 and got roundly mocked. They still exist?

  27. I love how they phrased it as "our phone rings non-stop all day every day..." It's an ambiguous enough phrasing that it could be interpreted as making sales all day every day, or getting hassled by debt collectors all day every day, or even just getting prank calls all day every day

  28. "We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty!"

  29. "What's your favorite pokemon starter"

  30. Your blue screen looks like it got corrupted by the Pokemon Red/Blue ZZAZZ glitch..

  31. Did they not have a drill?

  32. Last I checked, we cannot match other HDs partly due to the clearance issue - but also partly due to the fact the stores are far enough apart they are all in a "different" market essentially.

  33. Yes, that's what I meant by the "store's market's" bit but I understand if it wasn't the easiest thing to understand.

  34. Heck, we have 3 stores within the same city - but still in their own separate market.

  35. I'm in east Texas but my store's market is actually more akin to Louisiana's. People ask for us to price match Dallas stores all the time, but we can't.

  36. You guys have cashiers?

  37. It's working for me. Tried reinstalling the app?

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