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  1. The Click did a review of r /Bad womens anatomy on his youtube channel and now I cant read this without his "creepy voice" he used to voice this

  2. its about the milking their students for every bit of their money (looking at GMU $79 regalia)

  3. for shit, the highly misogynist and racist boss I had when I worked for a deli when I was 16 always sent the leftover food/ unclaimed orders home with workers. This is lower than low.

  4. It also is a simple email to the three parties involved to forward the email as an attachment, but you can only do that on computer not on mobile. The three folks you send it to being support, phish for ironport and [email protected] microsoft, as detailed in the other comment

  5. Not to mention they added ads DURING THE LEVELS (*eye rolls*) I'm quitting, and I gave the wordscapes a piece of my mind about it too. I understand the need for revenue to keep the app going, but ads in the middle of levels is too far, and 100 dollars for no adds is also too much.

  6. Your post showed up while I was googling the same info Lol. Anyways I found this:

  7. given it says felix.castro, without capitalization and also not an organization name, I would agree with the others saying its a phishing email

  8. You’re kidding right? College professors make 6 figures (depends on the major) but at least over 85k especially in the dmv. If you’re talking about public schools from fcps, then yes they need to be paid more.

  9. I don't know where you're getting your numbers from, but I think you may be a bit high.

  10. Don't do the ACV, trust me. In a moment of stupidity it just made my issue worse. I didn't even put it up my vagina it was just for the upper inner thigh and a bit of my vulva but it HURTS.

  11. Same. Also the binoculars are doing a weird thing too. Some of them wont get counted or have numbers then BAM I get 2 boxes even if I hadn't completed enough levels to get 2 of them yet.

  12. My binoculars have been disappearing too. I'm super irritated about how glitchy it is.

  13. I had a talk with the app's help center, as thats the only way I can think of to report bugs to the app. I havent paid attention the past few weeks to tell if they still dissappear. If you have the time, I say that you should report it to them under the support chat within the app. You can screenshot things and send them over the chat once you're in contact with a support person.

  14. Shes... not the only one who's had men in her life that Don't Wash their hands.

  15. Our store is literally filled with lgbtq partners and our manager has been hiring people who arent diligent when using pronouns - why would they be hired to this store if there was an issue working w/ trans partners 😮‍💨

  16. that sounds less of him being against unions and more like he's an ass in general. Your manager is a bigot. Maybe talk with your coworkers and y'all might be able to mass-quit or go on strike against him until he decides to grow the F up and be a decent human being?

  17. Starbucks will instantly fire any manager they feel is pro union or that’s helps the workers. Howard Schultz is extremely anti union and very very vocal about it and they do everything in their power to union bust legal or not.

  18. sorry I didnt phrase that right. I didnt say he wasnt anti-union, and that is a big factor, but that hes just an ass in general. A person can be an anti-union idiot and be respectful of LGBT+, but because he is addition a bigot he's just a well-rounded asshole.

  19. it means you dont report to HR when the boss sexually harasses you.

  20. "why have you been in the pool the past 4 days? you're getting pruney!"

  21. I'm sure that there are several women who are the next virgin Mary every year, according to their mothers.

  22. I mean, thats what whales do I think. My roommate teaches ecology and one of the lessons includes sperm competitors.

  23. the tingling feeling of flesh being stripped off of him means he's doing it right /s

  24. Thats why my social medias are all based on my online personas and written in foreign languages, wanna stalk me? Good luck with that, I have 11 aunts and infinity cousins that always try to find me and fail.

  25. the only social media i have with my actual legal name is facebook, and even that is a "friends/invitation only" page. Employers wont be able to get any other social media out of me, and they won't find me.

  26. There are so many people he’s ignoring, even if we assume his premise of “if you don’t want to have a kid, get a hysterectomy” argument is valid.

  27. Yea, my mom was surprised when my aunt told her she needed to take a pregnancy test. My mother is overweight but my aunt said she "changed shape", and my aunt was right. My mother hadn't realized because she had "breakthrough bleeding" every month.

  28. NTA. You didn't know how he felt about it until he told you. Also boobs are not inherently sexual.

  29. NTA maybe ask the mom to help you bartend there for a week? See how she responds

  30. NTA. She said she was gonna cook it up to use the rest of the week. Was she gonna make it all one thing/dish? I wouldn't. Browning the meat and cooking the rice is how you do it, so you can season it differently each day.

  31. She gives the baby the name Ellie. Only her and the child will ever know what it is short for: Elephant.

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