1. Come to the coachella Valley so I stop going to turners plssss

  2. To be fair, on the drive from college/schoo/home I'm going 80-100, and they're active around 70mph, I know that's not really like an insane affect, but the drivers here are retarded in florida and it gives me that extra saftey for more control if something happens or some retard wants to turn into the lane without a signal light. And to also be fair, people put wings on fast cars all the time, doesn't mean they're going 140 everyday or even ever, most people only go 90-120 max ever even with a wing/spoiler. But in general I knew some people wouldn't like it, but it always get what you like, and I like seeing it.

  3. All love bro just don’t like wings on corollas

  4. Because PS5 bundles are bricks lmaooo

  5. Im a Cci aluminum shill, ran every single time

  6. Just use common sense mate, I’m all for protecting our 2A rights and I’m an avid gun owner myself. But comparing civilians to secret service or security detail is laughable and a big reason why people don’t take 2A thumpers seriously.

  7. Now imma make chicken parm🫡🫡

  8. Bad idea if you ride in a fishbowl car lmao

  9. Based setup, I needa buy a 407k

  10. 407k is 6 moa I wanted to go with that but ended up with the 507K

  11. I want the one with the circle dot, would that be the 507k?

  12. No one wants to live in a fly over state just for gun rights😹

  13. Name something positive about living in California?

  14. Food,weather, and my family and friends here. California is all I know. I hate the politics here but man I do not wanna live in a fly over state

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