1. Everyone suggests the manual, which is honestly a no brainer. But I do think context is needed as for why the manual is important because it's hard to wrap the mind up in why some random booklet was needed.

  2. I played and beat Zelda 1 vanilla maybe 10 years ago. It's one of the best games I ever played. I second seriously recommending vanilla over a mod. These are good points of advice

  3. I used to run pokemon competitions online. I'm telling you, keeping people active is the hardest thing to do. Better to have a small group (no more than 12) than try to constantly bring in new people. People can be tourists in that way. They will lose interest as soon as the next ping on their phone occurs. We used to play for money and I STILL couldn't keep people active haha, just goes to show you

  4. Why do people care about how celebrities feel about different shit? This isn't even something related to his career or making music in general. My own life is vexing enough. Who gives a fuck who Kanye fucken West thinks about a war that ended almost 80 goddamn years ago

  5. Because people listen to him and some will even be influenced by his words whether you like it or not

  6. Both of these look like posters I would've made on my computer after 11 hours of work back in 2001.

  7. I'm just waiting for the Mario bros movie the game season pass 1

  8. Squid is solid. If you like them check out black midi; Black Country, New Road; or TV Priest. They fall in the new modern post punk vibe too. TV Priest is my favorite of the three.

  9. I've gave some black midi a spin, liked it. I'll have to check them out more. I'll check out TV Priest now too

  10. Pokemon is an especially sensitive "community." I used to run competitions online for real money so I saw a wide swath of it. You have to keep in mind that a lot of these "hardcore" players are very young, don't get out much, and have generally poor communication skills and don't want to even IMAGINE a world where their favorite toys are tampered with or taken away. Video games are toys. We are adults that still play with toys. Everybody fucking relax.

  11. I get downvoted for explaining that I'm sarcastic and not serious, this community is honestly WAY too sensitive

  12. Don't worry. The only power they have is taking away your fictional internet points. Speak your mind.

  13. This is like costumes in the marvel movies. Everything doesn't look good when transferred to real life. That "armor" looks more like a party city costume. No slight to the person wearing it, just probably can't make that look right without actually molding some type of light weight metal

  14. I said there's no real way to make it look good without real metal. She's probably not a metal worker. I'm not talking down to them. I'm saying this kinda cosplay looks dumb in general. I'm sure she gets lots of flattering messages, comments, applause everywhere she goes in this costume and posts this. She will be fine. Now, down boy.

  15. Because Peach is the confident and center role. Mario is the bumbling idiot that knows nothing and has to be saved.

  16. But why? I can only look at like 3 goofy stretched-face cute cartoon screams from a "masculine" character before its so uninspired and corny that I feel like I'm not looking at anything at all

  17. Firstly, Mario is anything BUT masculine. I would be perfectly fine with the ridiculous goofs and fun being poked at the cartoons characters. My problem is that Peach seems to NOT have those moments like the rest of the cast does in the trailer. She's dominant and overtly confident to the point she seems to save Mario and the thumbnail even pictures her at the center. These aren't accidents.

  18. Still rather watch that than the video game "personalities" that stubbornly refuse to die. Like PBG and, ugh, Scot The Woz.

  19. I swear to God I remember seeing this when I was 10 years old and thinking, there's a girl Robin?!

  20. Is there an expiration date for these gummies? I have like 3.5 left in a container. I've kept them sealed in the bin they come in and in a room temperature place. But I can't seem to find an expiration date on the container. They still smell like they did when I got them, maybe 3 months ago? Maybe longer.

  21. I don’t know if they expire, but I wouldn’t hesitate to take them after only 3 months. I expect they last much longer than that.

  22. Oh ok. Thanks a lot. I've only been taking these here and there for about a year or so

  23. Only the movies featuring Jessica Alba and Chris Evans. Everything else is fanfic rubbish.

  24. I was gonna just flat out buy all of Dark Web as an "if you can beat em, join em" moment for event comics, but I just can't. I'll just stick to going back and collecting older stuff

  25. I frankly think it's a bit over-designed for his character. He no longer looks like a humble yet elegant prince. More flamboyant and lizard-like in his face. It almost looks like an overly ornate character from one of the Capcom Zelda games than FE proper. But FE has been over-designing characters for a while, this seems to fall in line with all that.

  26. Caved and bought the new pokemon and a new switch lite (gave my old one away to a coworker that was forced to sell hers to make ends meet) to play it on. Also just picked up Indivisible for a very low price digitally.

  27. Bendis' influence on marvel is understated. Sometimes, especially in the late early part of it, it REALLY works. I personally think it kinda squanders a lot of characters because after a while you realize much of his dialog choices are interchangeable between any character. It also injects needless meandering for the stakes at hand a lot of the time. His conversational model is for sure the proto-matter of the MCU. But it's not inherently bad. There are times where it's way too dialed up, but his heart is in the right place compared to flat out pandering entities with no shame in the industry, or even worse, the ones that aren't aware of the superficiality of their folly. I mostly see the guy as a legit artist that fell out of touch, he's not as good as he once was, but he's as good once as he ever was.

  28. He loves Aaron Sorkin a bit too much. I was really into The West Wing when I discovered the Ultimate Universe, and for moment I wondered if Sorkin wrote comics lol.

  29. His dialog for young characters is pretty bad as well. And you're right, his attention to continuity is nonexistent a lot of the time. I think in one instance he had ultimate storm exclaim "goddess!" Which she would never do because ultimate storm doesn't have the same origin as 616. It's fumbles like that which makes me question if he even respects the work he's doing. I know at one point he was literally writing like 11 marvel books at once, so i guess it ultimately comes down on editorial. Why ever let someone take on that kind of work load

  30. I can't explain how. But I can tell you're an intelligent person

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