1. I do have 110 strike puts with time, I got them when it spiked to 125

  2. Picked up GME at 17.70 at the closing bell because I thought I remembered it spiking after the last earnings report (despite it being fairly poor). Caught it this time before the after-hours spike. Closing out most of it at 27.14, but may hold about 30% back. I suspect this will swing up at the beginning of the next session if history is to be believed.

  3. I believe earnings will be bad for at least 1 to possibly 2 quarters

  4. Just looked through ZIM Q4, how come their EPS audited EPS is 20X the unaudited EPS? that is crazy difference.

  5. Gaap and non gaap you mean Every company is unfortunately like that

  6. If ZIM gets to like $5 a share I’ll probably go ahead and pick up a few thousand shares. Had it a while back sold on a spike around 70 something I forget it was last year.

  7. Anything is possible but if it falls to 5 it will be a different business than it is now. Though sales will be down 50% profits down 75% They will make 1.8-2.2 billion But I understand, people are upset because they won't make 7.5 billion

  8. ZIM has a slightly bigger problem. It’s div yield sits at roughly 130%. This is unsustainable and these lush dividends will very likely be coming to an end soon. I imagine in addition to the likelihood of a drop post distribution shorts know this, and many dividend investors will abandon ship (pun totally intended) once the divis dry up. No positions in this play, just an outside opinion. I personally don’t like holding a short position through record date/ex div because I don’t want to be on the hook for paying it, but it may not matter to some 🤷‍♂️.

  9. The dividend is never fixed. I expect the dividend to drop. Earnings for 2022 were over 60 dollars! Earnings for 2023 will be near 15 so naturally the dividend will be far lower

  10. Management sees earnings of 1.8 to 2.2 billion 120 million shares

  11. You Pimp you! :4258: Close the trade tomorrow or exercise It won't close the shares immediately

  12. They took deposits from tech start ups, and companies losing cash and bought bonds with 30 years at 2% interest Now those garbage 🗑 companies need cash

  13. 1k? Get a job lots of places are hiring and not just Wendy's Sorry

  14. It was nice knowing you We will pray at your funeral 🙏 🙏 🪦

  15. Everything tsla is regarded the stock and the bonds :4640::27189:

  16. I've been trading since 1994 I don't know if there are serious traders in this sub

  17. Ebitda is 1.8-2.2. Ebit is 100M-500M. They aren’t nearly as profitable today as they’ve been in the past.

  18. Agreed I still expect 1.50 to 2 payout. And yes definitely more profitable in the past

  19. Well yes and no. Earnings have been within +/- 12% for the past 4 quarters prior to the most recent one.

  20. I'm already in at the moment, my avg is 36. Will be under 30 with the dividend. I wouldn't add to shares.

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