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  1. Get behind me satan and push but the tape keeps skipping (clown trips and falls while running off stage after his opener)

  2. Jay, that man is such an inspiration to me and the reason I began drumming in the first place. Such a humble dude as well.

  3. Hell yeah, gotta get that calf workout somehow 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  4. Get behind me satan and push but the tape keeps skipping and it sounds like ass

  5. Hello! I’m currently working on a Pokémon fan project and an trying to sort the Pokédex of the region I’m creating out. I’m trying to get it as accurate as possible to the actual games. Does anyone here happen to know how the Pokédex is arranged in the game? (By location, type, etc.) This information would be extremely helpful, thanks!!

  6. Usually sorted with starters first, then approximately in order by location from the start of the game onward, and then legendaries at the end. Sometimes, Pokemon that the developers want to treat as "special" are placed amongst the legendaries, like Dragonite in Gen 1, or right before the legendaries, like Volcarona in Gen 5.

  7. Hey everyone!! Let’s downvote this dude for not knowing what something is! Haha!!!

  8. the downvotes arent for not knowing, they're for typing the name out again in a comment rather than in a search engine.

  9. I don’t see what the problem is with asking others in the sub what it is lol

  10. There’s a big difference between vintage and old and worn down. Looks like the beater and spring was replaced so that’s a plus. I’d personally look into something a little newer (late 90’s-ish), would be a better bang for your buck and have higher chances of working for you while still remaining vintage in the end. Hope this helps.

  11. Pains me that nobody has said Scream or Don’t Get Close

  12. Iron Maiden, I’m shocked that they’re not already a part of it.

  13. Jesus, some of their songs are in extremely poor taste

  14. im no drummer, but uhhh wouldn't moving your legs while drumming be more difficult in something like jeans where you dont really have as good leg mobility? also if you think legs/thighs are such a provocative thing then you might be the problem, not how to person is dressing.

  15. Yeah, jeans and longer pants are a bit harder to play in than shorts. While it’s definitely still possible to play in longer pants it definitely does decrease mobility. Shorts are a much better choice for playing drums in, original commenter is just a creep.

  16. Wurst Vacation but instead of the butcher coming out with a chainsaw he comes out with a spatula and grills Bratwursts on stage.

  17. Etsy is the best place to look, very good quality masks there with great prices.

  18. Was there any inspiration for the new album? The vocals on it are beautiful and brutal 🤘🏻🖤🔥

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