1. You know, sleeping elevated off the ground like this in the cold is very silly. You’d be about 40% warmer in a tent on the ground.

  2. I never even tried this gun. Looks even more disgusting than I thought, what can i say. Shit has no recoil

  3. I also own the entire building so all these parking spaces are mine.

  4. This was for the picture to show the rims

  5. You’re telling me skis fit in that? That thing is too tiny for skis

  6. Looks very silly with that rear wing. Performance or not… yikes.

  7. Imagine building a track car for high performance but not putting performance parts on it because you think it’s ugly lmao

  8. Yeah I mean you’re not wrong, it just seems like there’s gotta be other options.

  9. If it was 2 years ago I would change it myself or even flush it to see if it makes any difference. 140k is pretty much a danger zone for any tranny.

  10. I would get Honda fluids for the power steering, transmission, and radiator. These can all be grabbed at your local Honda dealer. Other than that I would replace the brake fluid and do an oil change with a reputable brand (Valvoline).

  11. This gun is in Battlefield 1 and it’s trash

  12. Easy. Just go to the best place. Ellis Island.

  13. Oh nice a replay system. Cool. HOW ABOUT A TIMEOUT?

  14. How would timeout work in a public ranked match? Maybe I just don't play games with one but if it's a vote we have the remake problem but if anyone can call TO then what stops people from wasting it? It just seems like it would only work in a 5 stack

  15. You say: Hey I have to use the restroom, Or hey someone is at the door, or hey my wife needs me, or hey I need to reset my internet, or hey my pizza is ready, or hey I spilled my drink.

  16. It’s like a dog, you pull back it’s face and you got the new discovery

  17. Nashville is fine, the surrounding counties are a different story

  18. Ladies and gentlemen, the “Pro Life” party.

  19. Barely a donut. Needs a bigger hole my guy 🕳️

  20. I just never move the lid. I have the aim of a spartan. Why even pick the lid up?

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