1. You could probably have turned this into a series of bullet points and skipped the wall of text. I don't think you are even close with the OnlyFans theory. At this stage, surprise creators and earnings beats will be all that it takes. I think you missed the long game, though by failing to mention

  2. Agreed. One time is an accident, after that it's intent

  3. The x22 is the quantity of the bid or ask, it has nothing to do with a multiplier.

  4. Seller or sellers, but yes. It gives you an idea of how many options you might be able to buy (or sell).

  5. Are we at least in agreement that CFVI has anout 38 million outstanding shares and the new entity will have about 600 million shares?

  6. I agree that CFVI has about 38 million shares. The number post-merger will be less than 38 million, but we won't know that final number until later. As for 600 million shares, I don't think that is correct but I also don't have the filings in front of me. Are you adding up every single share class? Not every share in a corporation is publicly tradeable.

  7. It will not be less. Section 3 of the prospectus details the new shares.

  8. It also details how many shares will exist under various redemption scenarios. It isn't going to be 38 million, there will be some redemption because it traded under $10 for weeks. Hedge funds looking for a quick buck will buy like that and redeem.

  9. It'll be interesting to look at how short volume and interest change this evening.

  10. And then they work it back down to 10.03 - 10.05. Level 2 data might help understand what is happening. It could be hitting a giant sell wall, but I don't have access to the data to say either way. The fact that every spike is eventually pushed back down to the same point on low volume is not accidental, though.

  11. Level 2 data is not showing pent up orders, it’s always out of nowhere dark pool buys ( I have level. 2)

  12. I believe it is only the original investors. This combined with the lockup period is an incentive to push the price above 17.50 and hold it there. The lockup keeps the tradeable float artificially low, which in theory, will help the price rise once we catch some volume. Any redemptions will also lower the float further. There were millions of shares traded below $10 and some of those will likely be redeemed.

  13. I think there is an estimate of this in the original investor presentation for the Rumble CFVI merger.

  14. It's hilarious that in a few weeks they have 5x the followers on Truth as Twitter. Nothing to see here, move along.

  15. How many Twitter followers does he have I’m suspended at the moment

  16. It's the private and institutional shareholders only. This will keep the available float low for up to a year, or only 5 months if the share price holds above $15 for 20 days.

  17. 20 days (within a 30 day window) so a solid trading month. ;)

  18. Which is why it probably blasts through $17.50 easily post-merger, the only question is how much higher does it go from there?

  19. I suspect they're sitting on a hype train that will be nonstop after the merger vote is announced. They've been awful quiet of late and that makes me think they're saving their announcements for maximum impact.

  20. The short attacks are so stupidly obvious. Someone or several really want to keep this down.

  21. The mobile apps look slick but the web app feels dated. It would be great if they update the site right before announcing the merger, that way new people will have their first exposure to the new and shiny version.

  22. I always buy anything at limit orders, I pick my price at what I want to buy at, usually lower than what the market is, and wait for it to come to me, Sometimes I get the stock, sometimes not. Have 3 buy orders in currently for other stocks like that at a low price. I kinda thought that's the best way to do it. I also buy down like that.

  23. It is the best way to do it, for sure. It is what I do as well. A ton of people just hit a market order, though, and that's what the algos seem to do. If the price of a stock is rising quickly on news, market orders are more likely to fill at the lowest price. You can get caught chasing the price up with limits and end up with a worse fill.

  24. because theres hundreds of thousands of shares traded everyday and the price isnt budging. those shares are going somewhere

  25. Exactly. This is what happens with all or none limit orders. A large buyer or trading desk trying to build a position without moving the price would break up their trades into smaller lots with limits to get their client(s) the best execution price and then they make commission on that. Market orders are what will move the price and that requires news.

  26. This can work for video uploading directly from people's phones, but if you share on Twitter a video hosted on YouTube then that is still a link to YouTube.

  27. They could drive traffic to Rumble directly by limiting what they allow for embeds.

  28. Oh yeah, he sees a beautiful future for the 50,000* Martian colonists he'll manage to transport there, ignoring the huge costs he leaves behind for people back home to deal with.

  29. Profits are quantifiable. Companies are supposed to generate profit and follow the laws of the land. ESG, on the other hand, is a feel good scam created by one company (Blackrock) to enforce its values (Larry Fink's) on others. I'm certain Larry has nothing but humanity's best interests in mind. 🤣

  30. My theory is that most of the float is locked up by people who are inclined to hold (volume decreasing, high short ratio, increasing short interest). The stock creeps up on low volume and then a large candle drops it back down. This pattern repeats multiple times per day. IMO these large down candles are short activity. I think the only thing that will break this current pattern is big news that brings in new investors. When that happens, I expect it could happen quickly and we may see a limit up halt.

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