1. The Last of Us Part 2 have a very bad story but good gameplay.

  2. Is The Blade of Olympus in the game ?

  3. I have no respect for anyone who still buys FIFA

  4. That was harsh man, what can I say. I love football but don’t like EA.

  5. Your question prompts me to think of a movie that many people love but I just never did: The Usual Suspects. I can tell the movie was well made and that it could be good, but given I picked up on the twist ending near the beginning of the movie I could just never get into it.

  6. I agree the movie was well made acting, lighting, dlrecting etc but the twist not for everyone. That’s the question. For example I don’t like The Usual Suspects but do my subjective thoughts make the movie bad ?

  7. Thank you. That’s a pretty good answer and enlightened me.

  8. Zack Snyder’s Justice League

  9. 1 - Avengers: Infinity War

  10. Sweet ones(red) are very rare.

  11. Mixture of Atrocitus and Megatron

  12. Dead Mans Chest box office run was still surprising, even if it wasn't out of nowhere like the first one

  13. Even the 4th one made more then one billion despite bad reviews.

  14. Not gonna lie, i laughed so hard

  15. Wandavison the same as FatWS? FatWS was the weakest marvel show imo

  16. Most of the sub agree with you. I don’t think it’s a bad show. FatWS has some cool moments and more serious then others imo.

  17. Sweatshop(2009). It was unbelievably awful especially acting and script.

  18. The Collector was next level serial killer genius

  19. It Follows and Hereditary

  20. I hope so. Cool artwork btw.

  21. This sub is more childish than I ever could have thought. I said I preferred 3 over 4 and someone told me I have shit taste. I’m pretty sure most people here haven’t played the past games and they’re kids since they act like it

  22. I know I am getting downvoted but the sub used to be better. It was my favorite sub back in the time. I don’t know what happened. It’s getting so toxic and childish, just like

  23. Wow! You are fan of first film. Interesting. Btw Shang-Chi is a good movie. You should definitely see it.

  24. Cool! This would be amlost exactly my personal ranking too. The only thing i would change is in the last row, i would put Thor 1 & 2 in place before last and last respectively.

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