1. Just curious, who were some draft prospects that you didn't like that ended up succeeding? Also, who were some draft prospects that you did like that didn't pan out? Don't include Josh Allen in this exercise

  2. I do appreciate how you took my suggestion of a continually updated

  3. Still working on updates to it. A LOT more work to do but when it's done we will have an announcement regarding it!

  4. Not sure if it’s been said. On game day threads why don’t we have the scoreboard and stats locked at the top like you see for other teams. Not everyone has access to the game and it seems like an easy add.

  5. In the words of Albert Einstein, "Once you stop learning, you start dying"

  6. The answer is always yes. The Bills needed a guarantee to know what Josh Allen was. They got it.

  7. Will be lucky if Edwards makes it out of camp without concussions.

  8. 2 concussions in his first 4 years in the league isn't that absurd, it's just unfortunate it happened so close together in the same season. I'm not ready to declare him "concussion prone" just yet.

  9. That's the same amount of concussions that Tua has had in the same amount of time I believe. And I would consider Tua to be very concussion prone right now.

  10. I'd argue Tua had 3 concussions this season but I can't prove that. Your point is well taken though (see Mitch Morse). Here's to hoping that Edwards stays healthy in 2023 because if he can he may push Bates for RG1.

  11. Signing Ford is a fine move for the Bengals. He won't be a starter and can play 4 of the 5 OL positions. Is it a great move? No. Is it a bad move? No.

  12. It is a good move for us, sure. Dude isn’t worth a roster spot even as a backup and I’d love to see him take up a roster spot for the Bengals. Literally anyone else would be better for them.

  13. Your last sentence perfectly illustrates my point. Yes, the Bills got laughed at for bringing in Bobby Hart, which never made sense. He was 1 of 90 players battling for a roster spot, his peak being OL9. He earned that spot, and then the Bills found a way for him yo contribute to Jumbo sets. A laughed at signing had value.

  14. The 6th draft picks which the Bills currently possess have an estimated cap hit of $7,081,210. Note that the Bills need to maintain some cap throughout the season in case they need to make a move due to injury.

  15. Isn't it actually much less than that due to the Top 51 rule? More like $3MM.

  16. Yes, but you block it for all in case UDFA's make the roster.

  17. It was his best game as a pro! If not for Ed Oliver the Bills go home hungry on Thanksgiving.

  18. What a great read. What an incredibly challenging year for us. Thamk you. Go Bills 🦬

  19. Not the easiest write-up, but hope people at least get some context of what this season was like for the Bills!

  20. I’m from the future. We don’t. He’s going to get record money from the Bears.

  21. When did I say he was going to get record money from the Bears?

  22. Right in the middle between 15 and 20. Big money that the Bills couldn't afford.

  23. Our Special Teams was ranked #1 in the NFL last season with a weightes DVOA of +6.5%. The second closest was the Seahawks at +5.3%.

  24. If Aaron Rodgers goes to Jets that makes them sone serious competition. With the Defense seemingly in some transition ( coordinator, CB, MLB) I get a little uneasy thinking about that.

  25. Josh Allen will still be far and away the best QB in the division and the Bills defense will still be elite (it's always been McDermott's scheme). That being said, the Jets will be a tougher out this year but by trading for Rodgers and his contract they are opening a very short window to compete.

  26. Here are the "Top-20" QBs the Bills played in 2022:

  27. This was removed because it's behind a pay wall.

  28. Chiefs game was great…it was also week 6. They then went on to let Kirk Cousins, Tua, Skyler Thompson, and Joe Burrow abuse them after that. If we’re holding dear to a week 6 game, we need to up our standard.

  29. I'm going to need you to take a step back and look at Kirk Cousins, Tua Tagovailoa, and Skylar Thompson's stat lines versus the Bills.

  30. So Cousins going for 357 yards and Jefferson doing literally anything he wanted against us doesn’t count? Tua putting up 29 on us in our “home field advantage” snow game? 3rd string QB Skyler Thompson, who’s team scored single digits the previous week, nearly beat us in our own house.

  31. It took Kirk Cousins 50 throws to put up 357 yards while only passing for 1 TD and throwing 2 INTs.

  32. The non-exclusive tag would set Edmunds cap hit at $20,926,000. This is a number the Bills can't afford in 2023.

  33. Unfortunately, we don't allow GoFundMe's because it's too difficult to verify the money is going where it's intended. Even in the cases where we are 95% sure we unfortunately don't allow posting them as they could set a precedent.

  34. OK, so I've been away from here for a little while so this is my first post here in a bit.

  35. OL has always been an issue and is something Josh Allen covers up with his elite Athleticism.

  36. You said the "business" didn't value him, and now you're saying the fans. If everyone stuck it to their employer because people didn't like the company they worked for then no one would have a job.

  37. Leslie just screwing over the people with pitchforks and i’m here for it. Definitely don’t think the organization was stupid enough to wait to release him-i think he pulled one over on them in a final “fine do it yourself” move. i’d absolutely do the same if i felt a business did not value my contribution (and i was getting bullied online)

  38. Who from the Bills wasn't valuing his contribution?

  39. I also really don’t like Keenum, he was useless but I do really like Cooper Rush.

  40. Why "don't you like Keenum" and what makes you say "he was useless"?

  41. This thread has been locked due to half the comments violating our "No Politics" rule.

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