1. Ahem, I believe our visiting friend preferred "deranged"

  2. Reason #143 my dog is not the brightest Lassie lookalike: he spent all day in the kitchen, hoping I'd give him some deli turkey. Finally drop some for him (okay, it slipped out of my hand) and he is oblivious. How do you not smell it, at least, with that giant honker?

  3. Everyone responds differently to the start of recovery, but depression is a symptom of withdrawal. It might take some time for your body to adjust, especially how long and much you were drinking—but what you're feeling is normal. Try to stay strong, it might take a few days but it should begin to get better

  4. Checking in for the first time, this is my first day!

  5. UWCG says:

    Whoo, welcome here! You’ve got this!

  6. UWCG says:

    Hope everyone’s having a good week, IWNDWYT! (I will keep racking up those sober hours though)

  7. Dear god, that AITA post about the woman who named her twins Sam and Dean. I have never hoped a post on that sub was fake this hard before 🤢

  8. Oof, that was a rough read. The additional info about them living vicariously through their kids seems spot on and really unfortunate for their mental health well-being as they grow up

  9. Like anyone, I'm very nervous about my recovery because even if it was only five days I was drinking, I had have withdrawals before and need to be careful. I'm hoping that this isn't going to cause any because the period was so short and instead it'll be more like a very long and stupid weekend in Vegas but not enough to give me any of the nasty things I've gone through before.

  10. Yeah, holy damn, my dog might have to miss his night walk cause the cops have my road like shut down and I’m not going out there and catching a bad case of dead. I ain’t even going out to the backyard cause I keep my garage door open and it’s a pretty prime spot for a dude hiding from police to go

  11. Well shit, I can’t say I expected my nap to end with hearing a drive by

  12. While I understand I was very stupid during my relapse, I think it's pretty uncool the person who screenshotted my message and sent them to "everyone" in a group chat. Yeah, I was dumb, but just say it to me and let me apologize, don't fucking tell a dozen people. I wasn't trying to be disrespectful but I guess this is also part of why I'm happy I no longer live around those people. And I know the person sent them cause the person who told me knew way too much info about what I'd said for it to be otherwise

  13. Well, relapses suck, I regret that decision. Back to day one. I was so enjoying being over four months clean and was looking forward to six. I guess that'll be my new goal, I liked that scene in Doctor Sleep about how Danny was't sure if his dad ever got to six months and how proud he was to do so.

  14. Just a little bump on the road to long-term happiness! Keep quitting until it sticks with me!

  15. Everyone her is so cool. Thank you so much for your kindness

  16. There was literally nothing about your comment that was rude whatsoever. I get it, I harp on myself too. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. But I had a similar situation when I was a kid.

  17. See, I was within walking distance of my schools till high school—when my parents had built a very expensive house (and before that, my mom ran a daycare, which never should have been a thing, that woman made me burn photos my half-brother had taken of him molesting me and told me it was my fault and I was lucky that they weren't turned in and it would be my fault if they saw legal trouble; she was aware but as long as he didn't make me lose circulation, she'd laugh about it; I guess I rarely talk about that, there's a reason one of my exes once told me, "You better receive that inheritance," but I feel comfortable here), so everyone always kinda assumed I grew up rich, not that my dad made me do hard physical labor since I was eleven (and that's part of how he got the money to build that place, he also kinda manipulated my grandparents into selling him the property for way below its value cause his twin was an alcoholic and they needed the money to help him, my family is just a complete shitshow).

  18. Shit, thank you for sharing that. And I absolutely agree. This is the kindest “anti” sub, or online community, out there.

  19. I'm sorry you share the experience, because no one should go through it. I blocked it out for a very long time but my ex didn't let me pretend it didn't happen and my therapist in rehab certainly didn't.

  20. Go out to grab my dog and my neighbor fuckin' immediately calls me on my relapse.

  21. I've had plenty of slip ups along my way and I still have them. Just know it can happen and try not to completely fall back into using again. Which I know is much easier said than done

  22. I appreciate it, thank you. It came completely outta nowhere and kinda sucks cause I was just over four months clean and I can’t exactly keep relapsing, the last time I hit the doctor’s the nurse saw my blood panel and told me my chances of liver recovering was “sometimes miracles happen,” so I think I’m already pushing it and supposed to be dead

  23. Plus their are already work requirements. The GOP wants more.

  24. Yep. Gotta really make those seniors, uh, I dunno, suck it up and work?

  25. I have this (wonderful) live recording of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello doing

  26. Wow, my APUSH teacher responded to my "thank you" email. And he told me it was cool to call him by his first name (he made a joke in class that we were not to call him by his first name till we got an MA)

  27. Cutting your balls off to own the libs

  28. That’s just cruel, come on!

  29. Dunno, the only people I hear going on and on about the name “Chad” are incels. I can’t really take their weirdo fantasies too seriously, but YMMV.

  30. The CG in my username is short for Chad Garrett, the UW is where I went for college, so I don’t have any escape cause both my names are kinda shit haha

  31. You know what I'm calling animal control tomorrow because I need the cat out of the house.

  32. I'm not saying you're making the wrong choice, because animal control likely has the resources and abilities that a mother cat needs.

  33. I don't care because it is a stray cat. Instinct or not that I don't like the cat attacking my dog. No one mess with my dog.

  34. Although I understand, you might feel differently later. Cats and dogs are joked about for their animosity for one another in fiction for a reason; my oldest cat is cool with dogs now, but the first time he met my first dog he was not down (they literally had a pissing competition and ruined my sheets). Introducing them takes time and energy, as well as separated and monitored interactions.

  35. You clearly fucked up and I don't know how you got this far into the writing process without realizing it.

  36. I'm sorry you inadvertently posted material worthy of this sub, but we all have our crosses to bear

  37. If you don't get it, you haven't watched enough anime. Not that you should, but it is what it is.

  38. Yes of course you can write about X, everyone has an X chromosme. (Sorry I only read the title, because I don't really care about the question. I only care about upvotes)

  39. Cool, I didn't read your comment either, feel the same way, and am here for the same reason!

  40. Nope. It's impossible. Don't even consider it. Hemingway would personally come back from the dead to shit on your grave.

  41. At first, I thought that seemed too small, then I realized you'd included Donald's Sharpie "corrections" to show how great he truly is at the art of the deal

  42. Oh give him a Big Mac and just watch how great he is with a sharpie. Lol

  43. I have it on good authority he prefers them to be called hamberders and he equally enjoys Filet-o-Fish haha

  44. God, I really want to do more photography because every time I go on Twitter and sometimes Instagram I see photos of a lot of nature and urban areas.

  45. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, I'm sure there are some beautiful trails or parks in your area.

  46. I can agree, at least to an extent—but lo kinda be that guy, I think it is only in a way because people are more complicated. But I do get it: when I wake up, I immediately break down the amount of walking and reading I want to get done and do the math for how much I need to do hourly to accomplish that. Then every hour, I redo that math to adjust. Writing comes later cause I do that primarily later.

  47. I was just thinking the other day it'll be awesome if Lindsey releases some cuts on his next album in tribute to Chris.

  48. Christine McVie strikes me as a bit like Emily Dickinson, at least during her absences from the band: I can't shake the feeling she was writing during that time, and while we might never hear some of her words put to song by her, I wouldn't be surprised to find out she has a wild amount of lyrics that might as well be poetry jotted down somewhere.

  49. Still holding up strong late on this sober Saturday and I hope everyone else is too, here's to finishing off the weekend on a good note and IWNDWYT!

  50. According to this book, Clarence Thomas once remarked to a biographer for Orrin Hatch that rather than being a Supreme Court Justice, in an ideal world he'd be a truck driver or a small business owner.

  51. Feeling some unexpected end-of-week cravings, think I'll take the dog for a walk and just figure most places should be closed down by the time I get home, taking the decision out of my hands for the night.

  52. Hold up, if we don't have bread then what are the bagels I just bought made out of?

  53. Florida the freedom state though some restrictions apply to a crap ton of people

  54. Florida: from dreams to retirees, if it's dying, we're the place for it

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