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  1. Agreed. Ryan, the cunt, Cohen is a total bitch.

  2. Their free cash flow and non existent line of credit while the bank is breathing down their throats beg to differ.

  3. Russians and Chinese treat their women like garbage. I swear it must be a communist thing.

  4. You realize Russia is run by a far right dictator in Putin right?

  5. Yes a former KGB agent who wants to bring back the old glory days of Russia, hence the invasion.

  6. As a kid, I loved the 49ers due to Joe Montana but but I also hate Kyle Shanahan. This loss fed my hate more than my love. I hope Kyle Shanahan never gets a ring.

  7. The one time I was ever actually asked to step out of my car when I got pulled over, I locked the doors with my key fob when I got out and just kept them in my hand. I think they realized that I knew they would have to ask to search it since they didn’t have any actual justification, so they just passed it off as a precaution because it was dark or something and didn’t press.

  8. When I get pulled over, I just lower all my windows and turn on my compartment light on. They ask for ID and the other stuff and I’m sent along my way. The one time I sat in the passenger seat and was drunk as fuck. Face completely red and plastered, cop didn’t even ask me for ID since I wasn’t the driver. Just came back from the bar with a friend, he hs a few drinks too but maintained so they just gave him a ticket for a rolling stop on a stop sign. Cost us 100 bucks but that night could have ended up way more expensive.

  9. That dude needs to be followed and his name placed on a list.

  10. They smell blood in the water. If bbby declares bankruptcy, they all win and FTD is now meaningless.

  11. So the idiot crashes his car and just sits there?

  12. Prom night at dc is the worst time to live in the DMV period. Reckless kids racing moms suvs, kids with fake ids in line for clubs just overall wtf

  13. I was gonna say Inauguration Day or rolling thunder with those obnoxiously loud motorcycles.

  14. FTD means nothing. I don’t know why people keep citing it. There’s been FTD s for the last 6 months and it’s triggered nothing.

  15. I would murder someone if I had to see and hear this shit on my way to work

  16. Have you ever been on public transit in a major city? You already got crackheads and drug dealers to deal with. Add this bullshit to all that and let me know how fun it gets having to deal with it every day.

  17. I live by Washington DC. I use to take the train all the time. We’re not California. You would get your ass beat trying to do some of the things they allow over there.

  18. So was it an interesting job? Did you enjoy it? Sounds pretty cool and unique.

  19. That still doesn’t explain why the military has anything to do with sports. It’s such a weird American thing.

  20. Let's see if certain things thay could make certain individuals believe that they have the right to murder ppl Boy Bye

  21. You know you would have sounded smarter had you just remained silent. 🤦‍♂️

  22. No one here licks boots unless they’re stripper stilettos and she’s got sexy toes.

  23. Crushing China economically and bring all the factory jobs back to America where you can see that made in America sign vs that Made in China garbage.

  24. The "gather" step was added in 2018. It's a bullshit change that doesn't match NCAA or NFHS. It's traveling, but the NBA doesn't want to deal with it because a bunch of the modern 'stars' do it all the damn time.

  25. Strange how at the highest level, the rules are more relaxed and easier than compared to the lower levels.

  26. People absolutely do distinguish different parts of each state from one another when talking about certain topics. Are you actually trying to make a point here?

  27. People in Kentucky maybe, but the rest of the country, most likely do not.

  28. "Most likely." You just assume because you don't, that nobody else does. Solid critical thinking skills, buddy. Every state has regional culture and regional issues so distinguishing between those regions is relevant.

  29. Query the word Kentucky on Reddit comments and find out for yourself. Look at who you sent to Congress. That’s what most people know of Kentucky. It’s a red state, lowly ranked in education, median income among a bunch of other things.

  30. Because people with common sense understand that if you’re offended by it, don’t go there.

  31. Been Boycotting McDonald’s for years!! Their food is crap!! They’re lead by ultra greedy a holes!! So, to that end… I hope it fails and they lose millions if not billions!!!

  32. Missing out on that McRib I see. That’s too bad. It’s a real treat.

  33. The fact of the matter is Social Security will run out of money by 2035.

  34. If the limit on contributions was raised for those making over $147,000 the fund could be solvent long after 2035. No change for lower incomes just those making more would still have payroll taxes for SS.

  35. Republicans need to grow a pair of balls to propose such a bill and we both know that won’t happen.

  36. You’re better off just buying a new tire for a few bucks more off tire rack.

  37. You could also win the PowerBall too with this could nonsense but I wouldn’t bet your life on it if I were you.

  38. Seems odd that BBBY would list a VP of Total Rewards job position less than 1 week ago if bankruptcy was in the near future..

  39. Not at all. Filing chapter 11 means the company still runs, debts get restructured, bag holders get fucked, and the company continues on.

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