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  1. That's a collectible! Those costumes got trashed, so survivors are worth some money.

  2. Wish I still had mine! This is a photo I ran across on Google. I almost cried, recognizing it as my first Collegeville! 🎃

  3. Since we're all just stardust, flying through outer space on a spinning, hot rock...I say live your life to the fullest, do what you will (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone/anything, including yourself) and do all of the fun, Arty, beautiful, loving things you can...I know it sounds trite, but it's your own input that makes life full and rich (or empty and cold)...

  4. One of a kind by me. I used various materials and fabrics including faux fur and black turkey feathers. Hand painted face and features ✨🪡👹

  5. Oh, they're drowning and I'm holding a life preserver? I say, "tots and pears" and then get on a plane to Cancun.

  6. I remember your photo of this project while it was still disassembled! All I can say is "Gee Whiz!!" So great!!

  7. Since his description doesn't include a backwards baseball cap, it's all good

  8. That poor deranged psycho would not have been there if not for Pouty Face McBunker Boy calling “his” people to that insurrection. I’m sick of seeing his fat face or hearing his stupid comments. I’ve put my four years in, that’s enough

  9. ...and honestly, putting in our four years of him was far more than any compassionate, thinking human being should even have to...

  10. Seriously, I think I aged two additional years

  11. Just looking at this header photo of him made me age two additional years.

  12. Does this include members of the House and Senate who voted to overturn the election without due cause?

  13. Ooh, I don’t have that one. I’m a bit too far away to just hop in the car to go there.

  14. He may sell via the internet, too. Idk. I'm spoiled AF because I'm just a few blocks away. Today, I went and bought another album, but it was some 90s grunge rock (also for nostalgia fortification 🥰)

  15. I got a really well-made bootleg of the Sordide Sentimental issue with Joy Division’s “Licht und Blindheit” for $17 there last year.

  16. Haha. I love it. My little one (5.5yrs old) has been going through so many learning phases and me being who I am, I often try to teach him something that I know (most likely) that he won’t remember long term because he’s just not at that age yet… but, when I show him how to do something very simple, and explain it, (Ex: tying a cool knot) and then walk him through it… when he (helps) do it himself, and pulls the knot tight and sees it actually worked, his face lights up and then he does this little giggle/laugh, and gets so excited! Lol the little things!

  17. OMG,YES! Had that moment in like 3rd grade. Teacher had everyone read a paragraph from the textbook out loud. I'm in a panic! To myself "What is a paragraph?" After like 6 kids read, I saw the indent pattern and BOOM, that light switch just flipped! Not as big as other enlightenments, but yeah, it's pretty special when it happens.

  18. It's such a great feeling when this happens! Its even more thrilling when you're older, in my humble opinion.

  19. When I saw this, I was a older child in the early eighties. Scared the hell out of me! Another creepy movie with Eastwood in it from that era was, "The Beguiled" .

  20. I haven't been able to eat commercial crackers in years because of the chemicals in them...they put me down for days I used to love those lil peanut butter cracker packs and now I can't even make eye contact with them anymore 😭

  21. https://www.npr.org/2022/05/16/1099256713/supreme-court-sides-with-sen-ted-cruz-in-campaign-finance-case

  22. This shit is fucked and going the wrong way.

  23. The article I posted was from last May. Cruz sucked on the SCOTUS until the dark money was able to flow freely. It's one of the reasons McConnell didn't even wait until Ruth was cold before he rushed in a new member...they wanted the bribery and corruption to go unchecked. Now that the House Ethics Committee is abolished, Mitch and his slimy crowd got what they wanted.

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