1. You know, I think I prefer EA hang on to PVZ, they won’t kill it for Fortnite.

  2. Sounds like pain, sadness, and maybe my first SOS Signal 🥴

  3. And he’s immune to flash bombs. Might wanna bring elder seal for that one

  4. Based on the statements given (all the Chaos in the Universe), the way his (their?) appearance was altered to show space, and that from what I remember of the final battle Space was starting to destabilize... But then again he was defeated by the combined might of 108 animal and human heroes in a classic "Good Magic force vs Evil Magic Force" final battle...

  5. What do you mean by fix Like restore it to its morrowind mechanics?

  6. Oh, yeah I didn't really clarify that. I meant does Wraithguard fix the Bug in Keening's enchantment that makes it so the dagger only has a single charge and is unable to be recharged?

  7. My personal favorite are his negative opinions on the designs of Pokemon for sharing a design trait with the animal they're based on.

  8. Also playing, I think I figured out why it took so long: they reworked almost every new quest to not just be dumped into the quest log

  9. Using a quest editor it's possible to make almost every monster Afflicted, even Furious and Seething.

  10. Scorned's Turf War with Malzeno has him physically match the Elder Dragon blow for blow, and he brute muscled his way through most of the Qurio/Blood Laser. If Scorned does get attacked by the Qurio, I imagine the parasites will submit to his will.

  11. Malzeno's laser is just dragon element tho

  12. Genuinely did not know that. I always dodge big beams, or block the ones I can with the Lances.

  13. If you want a Weapon that's as good for preventing incoming Damage as it is Outputting Damage: Lance and Gunlance. Granted Gunlance is more complex than Lance, but it also dishes out WAY more damage, and you can FLY!

  14. It also has multiple ticks of Damage, just in case you somehow survive the initial hit. It even overpowers a Max Guard + Guard Up Lance Build. Just run, that's how you survive it (mind you that lane build I mentioned has around 1K defense after Mega Armorskin, and I survived with like 2 percent health left.)

  15. I actually didn’t struggle with Violet as much as I did with Flaming and Risen. He was still a challenge and OMG the fight was awesome, but I had way more “shitting my pants” moments with the other 2.

  16. I had the exactly opposite experience cart-wise. I agree though, Violet is peak MH.

  17. Oh I didn't cart to any of them (and I really haven't carted at all this game thanks to Gunlance and Lance), I measure struggling based on how close I get to carting with the Lances... If I cart while Lancing then I know shit has hit the fan.

  18. Flaming Espinas: Disrespectful in how it sleeps through MULTIPLE attacks, with only a slight head swipe to try and discourage me from attacking.

  19. I love it. Especially in the current PVP where it's on a line of Power Tiles, one plant food and SPLAT!

  20. For future reference, have the lava flow into the back of a waterlogged stair.

  21. Nah, I’m trying to figure out what part of those traffic cone looking weapons was able to slice like scissors through tissue paper

  22. Wow, you don’t see BanchoLillymon that often, even on the main Digimon sub!

  23. Yes. It does both Fighting and Flying damage. Hawlucha’s ballin like that

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