1. For me after month 3 is where if felt like I seen fast improvement. I had slow improvement before but yeah after month 3 it took off.

  2. I took old photos with me. This way the surgeon could see exactly what my hairline use to look like. Really just depends on what you're wanting. Closer to natural will always look the best I think.

  3. No shedding at this point. I stopped after about 2 and a half months.

  4. Bro can i ask about native hair shock loss? Did u get that? And do u absolutly need finasteride or will minox alone do the job

  5. Yeah man, my shock loss was very minimum. I'm not sure what causes the severity of it. I don't know if it's the surgery itself or genetics, or anything. I just know I had very little. I was prescribed the 1 MG finistride and that's all I take. I'm not sure if minoxidil will do the same alone. I don't knownif they're interchangeable. I know that's a lot of "I'm not sure", but I truly don't know.

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