1. 25/73... it was a lobby right after grinding the shield and launchers to gold, lol.

  2. I got all my 2 in a row in search with that. Shit was so fun. But it’s not my first gold shield tho so idk if others would have the same luck.

  3. That's a rarity, what made me finish platinum was actually going to take a piss and getting started in a match on border crossing. I was a little drunk at the time and decided I'd run around with the shield... ended up getting 7 of my 2 kills without dying in one game so it worked out in my favor on that one. Damascus was another story that still haunts me.

  4. That’s dope!!! That’s the stuff that makes people a good player. Not necessarily endless practice and watching yt tutorials, but just playing the game and having fun. Using different weapons to HAVE to adjust your style of play. I don’t see many with a gold shield, prolly just cuz it’s daunting to your kd. But props to you for actually enjoying the game and grind. Many don’t.

  5. Pretty sure you’ll end up with AtbUser# or User# account name like me if you ignore it long enough

  6. It actually shows the user# to everyone else already if u don’t change ur name. It lets YOU see your name, but no one else.

  7. Mines a 0.96 now. Vanguard and coldwar I hung around 1.7-1.9 but this games sbmm has given me the shits so bad that I’m letting my kids play my accounts while I’m at work so in the evening when I sit down to play, I get easier lobbies for a few matches 🙃

  8. Sometimes I’ll play on my wife’s account and the difference is unbelievable. I swear on my soul it isn’t simply they’re bad. I survive shit I shouldn’t, and shit happens in my favor. Then I play on my account, and I’m over here with a .93 kd after 1000 games. How the FUCK am I not getting better at the game I’m playing.

  9. Ok so is my food cooler cuz I’m 26? Tf is the title. But that looks dope.

  10. The ending is kinda wack. Wtf is that finish.

  11. The map is fine and kinda actually sensible for SnD but literally nothing else. Free for all on that shit… I sit behind the garden head glitch and only get 8 kills and pray I go positive. And anyone who cries can suck my toes and write activision about the spawns. It’s not my fault that map makes me afraid to move 😭

  12. I play maybe 3-4 hours a day maybe more if I’m not tired and stay up late lol

  13. Fr. I play more than I’m proud of, and I’ve got like 30 guns gold and I’m def an above average player. Some of these people have me feeling like I’m wasting my time going for Orion lol

  14. Honestly orion doesn't look so good, polyatomic is better

  15. I've been trying to figure this out but I've come to the conclusion that you can't claim Haedrig's gift on console.

  16. You can!!! It’s super annoying, I believe. You have to go into the seasonal menu to claim it! I haven’t played in a while, but I 1000% got it to work on console!!!

  17. What the hell are you talking about lmao no good player does this, not even close.

  18. Pro players use aim assist perfectly. I know you’ve seen people in game that look like they’re cheating. Max sensitivity is an advantage if you can master it. I’ll admit, I doubt many pros play higher than 12, but if you can master the speed and be more accurate, it’s extremely useful when you have bad input lag.

  19. honestly, slide cancelling being out is great. As for the bots on DMZ i dont understand why the complains. Apparently people have never played tarkov or deadside where bots are 1 shotting you from everywhere and are aggroing like they protect with their literal lives

  20. Some people have never played the veteran bots.. especially head shot only. They can be some tough bots. Theylll drop shot you and throwing knife you across the map lmao. Great practice.

  21. I like the game, but I need to upgrade my monitor and stuff to get rid of some latency. Just too many instances of dying in literal milliseconds to people.

  22. Try the headphones bass boost setting and turn on mono audio and put the slider below to 0

  23. Could be. But at least for me it's because I'm less focused since I'm bullshitting the whole time.

  24. For me, it’s that, plus the game removing frames when people kill me. Like dying in a single bullet on my end, but on kill cam, they slid into me for 4 seconds, and then shot me 12 times. That, I can’t take much of.

  25. Amen to this and it almost seems worse in MW2 than MW....I'm not a great player, been pretty damn average at best with a 1.01 KD last I checked a few days ago in MW2 and have no illusions of grandeur. That being said it's frustrating as all hell when I watch killcams showing shit that I have no way of defending against and all I hear is get good or skill issue. Does it happen all the time or even with consistently? Heck no or I would have quit playing. Nonetheless can't deny getting pissed off for three recurring issues that I have no control over. One is getting a kill via semtex or thermite with the direct hit and kill points on my screen only for the killcam to show not that I never even got there in the first place, much less even started the throwing motion. I don't have the world's best internet but 300Mbit is decent and I usually show one of the lower if not lowest latencies in my lobby and have solid frame rates (usually anyhwere from 180-210 FPS). The second is the enemy who's supposedly dead center in front of me per the killcam but was never on my screen at all (FOV can't fix that) before death. Being faster to the draw isn't going to make my opponent appear on screen. The 3rd is the spawn kill where I can't even take one step or fire a weapon. It's instant death to where I'm dead without my respawn ever appearing on my screen. Thankfully this one hasn't happened in the last month or two.

  26. This makes me glad I’m on the series s and a terrible tv. I’m afraid of getting rid of all of my latency, and it still doing the same shit 😭

  27. I love when people play colorful and bright skins. Easier to see

  28. Exactly why wacky cosmetics should be allowed. I should have the right to dressing as a highlighter if I pay for it.

  29. Ok ok, you win. But seriously, what were you talking about in the other comment? You can shoot through the building on farm?

  30. If you go on top of the roof, or on the other side spawn , you can shoot across the tops. Like I can spawn on A side, and kill someone on the roof, who is watching B.

  31. Welcome to skill based matchmaking !

  32. If u find yourself getting worked, unequip your laser sight, and play slower. And rotate the opposite directions. If that doesn’t work, reset the game, and pick a different weapon. There’s something algorithmic to it.

  33. Lmao, what a douchebag. Your comment doesn't even make sense, real war and ghost skins, what the hell are you even talking about?

  34. Wow. Now your awful take makes sense. Simple people want simple things.

  35. Said a guy who probably wants to run around in a clown face skin shooting weed bullets. A real man of culture.

  36. That’s exactly what I want. Because I decided I was too good for the army years ago. And I like playing my games exactly as they are. GAMES. Have fun cosplaying as a sniper laying in grass. That playstyle is quite effective, tbh. If I wanna spin and do 360’s dressed as a glowing snoop dog, I should be allowed to gimp myself.

  37. Kastov 74u, hands down. Fast ads, excellent recoil control, and the iron sights are useful. Which I can’t say for a good bit of guns.

  38. It’s actually pretty effective in search.. especially with the ease of the random nade tosses. You can get back up and continue the round with your team if u get a BS down.

  39. sounds like some signs should be put up where the bouy can be seen, not quite the same but there’s a house i pass by sometimes with some horses on a pasture next to it and there’s a sign that reads “horse isn’t dead, he’s just asleep”

  40. Nah, that’ll encourage people to ignore it when it’s actually legit. It’ll spark that mentality of “I don’t wanna call and be embarrassed soo someone else can do it”

  41. My experiences with flash nades:

  42. Don’t turn around, keep yourself locked on the Enemy or their relative position, and fire right after you get flashed. Not before, cuz they’ll just dodge it… do this and they will get over confident and run into your bullets, full sprint.

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