1. Ask your Marjaa or on the ATWK app

  2. Thank you for guiding me to this app , i will try it. πŸ‘

  3. Note: This what I understand, if I'm wrong please correct me

  4. nice build 🀩 What transmission? and how easily the LS fit in the MX73 ?

  5. I used xcessive manufacturing motor mounts and a front sump 7qt pan. It has more room than a 1uz would have on the sides. The transmission is a junkyard 4l60e that I replaced the filter, and solenoids. It’s all managed with a fitech ultimate LS engine and transmission module. The cruise control is out of a 99 Silverado and wired into the existing controls.

  6. Well done project πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ hope you enjoy it

  7. Not a direct plug and play but it can be repinned to work on a GE engine. As long as the GTE sees all the sensors/MAF etc it will work. What is a little concerning for me is the raised compression of the GE. I would try to match the compression ratio of the GTE

  8. Yes it can but a piggy back system is way better and easier I recommend ecu master black like 800 bucks and no bullshit. Plus then it’s a lot mor programmable launch control nitrous control I think 6 inputs and outputs for fans turbo timers anything you could want

  9. πŸ‘πŸ‘ My plan is GTE vvti ecu with Apexi superAFC. the master black is a good choice but it needs a custom wiring harness which costs an additional 350$ at a good deal

  10. Nacho Notch β€” Notch Hider - Apps on Google Play

  11. For HD1901_11_F.17, it's working fine.

  12. We need him to tell us why Vizards are not using it anymore 🀨

  13. No anime has better Dub more than DBZ. the jap Dub is shit in DBZ πŸ˜‚

  14. Yeah it's good. It has great designs and some creative/cool powers (even though the MC's are boring af ironically). It's writing is its weakest point, but that's not jarring, just kind of flat with lots of missed potential.

  15. With all that I have said, For almost 10 years now i still Love Bleach πŸ’ž.

  16. tge big question is how are these in Captain level πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ even not new captain, they are really old captains with hollow ability yet they are just punching bag in the whole bleach story πŸ˜…

  17. it cost me 2650$ , Overall the car is in bad condition. it needs too much work but i had to take it because it is original USDM. I am in Middle east it's very rare to find US spec MX73

  18. for the engine it needs new wiring harness (Done) and overall service like changing all seals.

  19. Great art πŸ”₯ I feel this captain ability is something around poison

  20. If you haven’t plugged them in. Make sure you didn’t cut a wire on instal. Or that your ecu isn’t fried. Check. Fuses. Engine bay and kick

  21. Do you know where the fuses or relays for the seats ?

  22. CPU: Ryzen 5600 for less than $150 USD.

  23. Just getting a ryzen5-5600 and rx6700xt should do the trick and leave room for a nvme. Can possibly push it to a Ryzen 7-5700x or 5800x.

  24. On same MOBO ? also , what about PSU ? is 600w enough?

  25. based on my experience for taking Prozac for 1 year , i didn't face any change in stool

  26. i wish that Dbrand made a custom skins for 7T 😞

  27. The usb-c port of your OP7T might be cluttered with lint and the usb connector doesn't go all the way in. This happens quite easily.

  28. With Type A to type C cables it's working fine Even it's warp charging The problem with Type C to type C

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