1. You been shooting for 4-5 years you really already know what camera you need to buy. Now you may want the other camera and are seeking validation for that decision. 😉

  2. That’s true, my heart said x100v but i need interchangeable lenses 😭

  3. I have them both and I use the xe4 more often. The xe4 with the 35mm f1.4 is just magic. :)

  4. Samsung has a feature that disconnects from wifi networks that don't have "internet" that needs to be disabled on samsung phones as well.

  5. Check the photo on your computer and if you see it in the picture then it's the sensor or iso noise. If it's the sensor you can run the pixel mapping features on your camera.

  6. I went for the xe4. I like the rangefinder style cameras. Keeps my nose off of the lcd screen and I love the small size. It's also super nice it comes with the 27mm lens. I love this lens. I could care less about the 18-55mm.

  7. How’s the ergonomics on the XE-4?

  8. I use the fuji thumb grip and that's all I need. I don't want the bulk of the hand grip accessory. Works great on all my primes. I save the big zooms for my xt4.

  9. Thanks for the comment but I already looked it up and redacted my original comment. :)

  10. Neither is a wingsuiting squirrel girl or taking 20 bullets to the chest and shrugging them off

  11. You know what I looked it up and it is realistic. It defies my expectations and I'll retract my previous statement.

  12. For the price it is there should be something holding that hinge in place.

  13. They removed the springs because of potential damage to the hinge (scratches) I'm glad I canceled my pre-order in December.

  14. Samsung is the best android but the worst customer service i ever experienced except for maybe b&h.

  15. Use a good camera bag. Let the camera cool down to ambient inside the bag. When you are done leave the camera in the bag for several hours inside the house to SLOWLY warm up. Do not remove the camera from the bag for at least 2 hours. This will help prevent condensation from forming inside the camera and lens.

  16. Will it be okay if the weather is at most gonna go to -10°c?

  17. I think fuji recommends no less than 0c but you'll probably be fine at -10c. Keep your batteries in your pocket so they stay warm until you are ready to use them. Cold batteries drain faster.

  18. Yes, Christopher Frost, the well known lens reviewer and YouTube vlogger, discusses this very issue with this particular lens and this particular lens hood in his review. I was wondering if people had a recommendation like don't use the UV filter or recommending a different lens hood. The cap that came with the lens (it is a Fujifilm lens cap does fit the lens) does not fit the lens hood at all; though I see threads at the end of the hood as if some lens cap might screw in. I see that there are different lens hoods and filters for sale; perhaps I will try one of those. Are there any advantages to the square lens hoods as opposed to the round bayonet type that came from fuji with the lens? Also, on the Adobe website, the Fujifilm 35 mm f2 WR XF is not listed as one of the supported lenses. I can still edit the photos in LR, but my UTD version of LR does not seem to offer the option to correct for chromatic aberration or lens profile corrections.

  19. I know there are 2 versions of the lens hood. One that threads into the lens filter thread. This one comes with the lens from the factory unless things have changed. This hood will allow the cap to attach to it. There is also another hood that attaches to the bayonet like a typically hood the lens cap I believe with this hood will not attach to the hood but to the lens filter thread.

  20. And the weight won’t cause issues?

  21. I'm similar in thought. Love the phone but the fragile nature has me mostly using my s21. Think i need to trade in.

  22. Glimmerglass 1. Because it has a nice diffusion that isn't over powering. You can use it durning the day as well and adds a bit of a vintage lens look.

  23. But the 18mm f2 is also 10 years overdue.

  24. What's wrong with the 18/2 is still a good lens. When fuji updated the 27mm nothing really changed. It's slightly better optically but still has the same noisy focus motor.

  25. Don’t you the option with Olympus is better because it comes with extra lenses (12-150)? The fuji comes with only 27mm

  26. 23mm is more versatile than 33mm. Personally I use both but 23mm gets used much more often and if I could only have 1 lens it would be 23mm.

  27. You can record at 60p and then process the video at 24p using DaVinci. But not in camera.

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