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  1. Purde ser de noche, las luces pueden ser de auto o un poste

  2. Toda la razón, entonces es cualquier lado menos viña xd

  3. Virgin venezolano fan vs chad haitano enjoyer

  4. Will cross the desert to get to a more developed country 🇵🇪🤝🏻🇲🇽

  5. He's right, you know. I once met Sofia Coppola on an airport and we talked plenty, it was a rich interaction that I truly cherish. I don't have a picture, but that memory is worth much more than a couple of pixels.

  6. Mf mispronouncing "latine" -extremely easy word to read and write in spanish- gotta be the most chicano thing of the month.

  7. At least this helps to end the latinx bs... so cheers to that, I guess.

  8. Our President's mother fosters orphan kids until they find a suitable family for them... nobody knew about it until recently, they didn't wanted to expose the kid to the public eye. That little Superman is one of them. Before the speech Boric voted for our constitutional referendum, ans before that he walked from its parents home with her girlfriend, brother, both parents and that little kid. You can see him smirk a bit while he's talking.

  9. Chile es el único país de Sudamérica que no tiene carpinchos lmao

  10. Aumentar las causales de PP? Se nota que no has pisado los tribunales penales o, habiéndolo hecho, estai totalmente disociao, la PP la dan como ostia en misa. Me recordaste a un FISCAL (!!!) que me dijo que no entendía la necesidad de jueces y defensores, porque los que ellos acusaban eran todos culpables.

  11. Dejandode lado su delirio mesiánico de salvar al apruebo pirateando un documental e insultos al director, esta wna no se da cuenta que alguien del rechazo/inseguro no va a siquiera ver el documental? Solo la gente del apruebo lo vio o pretende verlo, me incluyo.

  12. I'm so done with AM fans. I don't enjoy their sound but I don't care about them, and these fans are always commenting on The Strokes subs or videos things related to Alex or the band, what a disgraceful group of people.

  13. Haha I live there. That's Reñaca's beach (specifically the 5th sector of the beach).

  14. casually. i won’t get serious with anyone who isn’t willing to at least try though

  15. Una rompe weas, el otro la trata de simia. Flor de relación sin problemas de abusos

  16. A promising band but a smug narcoleptic one now to compensate the energy given by The Strokes? Ok.

  17. WDYM? I swear narcoleptic means you have that illness where you fall asleep a lot. Are saying the Arctic Monkeys are bad now?

  18. Confirmado que el gobierno cree que mayor participación beneficia al rechazo entonces

  19. Nunca ha sido gratuito pa las votaciones, solo el MERVAL y ese sí será gratuito. Las micros acá son privadas, se licitan recorridos. Si no está en el contrato no pueden obligarlos a llevar gratis a la gente, menos a esta mafia culiá.

  20. Y los contratos son distintos, cuál es tu punto. Para la próxima se podrán poner nuevas cláusulas, supongo.

  21. Might not be exactly what you're looking for but I made an instagram account recently where I post portraits and talk about the people in them, my most recent post is about Sofonisba Anguissola who was a renaissance artist. The username is 'antilba' if you're at all interested.

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