Lost my parents this year at 23 and got a family for secret santa--im so excited to give them some presents and honor my family by giving to another one ❤ the best time of year!

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  1. Most of the early stage startups are constantly struggling for funds and are always in a survival modes. You may get issues with your on time salary, PF, experience, paperwork and what not - working for long hours and on weekend is a norm at these startups.

  2. Add PayPal too for benefits, perks and WLB.

  3. I follow an organisation on Instagram posting a lot of content on meditation and Kriya Yoga - I found it to be very helpful, you might find some guidance from there as well

  4. Only have one card infinia - all the cc points get used for travel.

  5. As far as I know this surgery is pretty much straightforward. But, if you still have doubt I would suggest either go to AIIMS, ICARE Noida, or Narayan Nethralaya - which ever is closest to you. These are the best hospitals in India for eye disease treatment. I have personally been to all the three places for my Keratoconus problem before getting operated in ICARE.

  6. Depends on the level you are at.

  7. Bro to get into product based , we need leetcode?

  8. Leetcode will only help you with dsa rounds, you need to focus on OOP, design patterns, high level designs - some experience of building distributed systems (i am assuming you are in your early stages of career). And most importantly an attitude that aligns with the company.

  9. I didn’t have to go through any OA.

  10. I applied through a referral and the recruiter straight up set the three rounds of interview. Even i was expecting an OA, but not sure how come I didn’t have to do one.

  11. Senior Architect once told us that FP is gonna take over OOP in future with rise in distributed computing

  12. I can help you prepare for LP.

  13. Physical abuse is crossing a lot of boundaries, and i don’t think you should be staying with that kind of person at all. But on the other hand to understand everything about you and your husband, have you considered going for couple therapies or for just yourself?

  14. How do jewellers make money and afford all these fancy shops at premium markets and malls? Is revenue from making charges enough to settle this?

  15. Sort the dictionary based on the value at the first index. dictionary= {'a': [2,4], 'b': [1,3], 'c': [4,7]}

  16. Reverse a stack using recursion. Two operations - pop and insert called recursively in order to achieve this functionality.

  17. Behavioural questions are more about how good of a story you can build. At least to an extent where whatever good the project has is because you were there on that team. Even if they ask like question like “tell me about a time you made a mistake”, build storylines that put you in a positive spot.

  18. Prepare Amazon LPs too. Prepare scenarios for each one of them. DM me if you need help on those.

  19. Feel loved, spread joy ✌️

  20. So sorry for your loss.. Merry Christmas ❤️❤️

  21. 1243 6204 6805 could you add me to mespirit raids?

  22. Yes sure, give me your ID i am hosting a raid in about ten mins.

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