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  1. He's going to feel soooooo stupid when he leaves and they sign Dylan Bundy and Austin Hedges to round our their team core.

  2. Sorry for being dense, but what do you mean by banging? As in performance?

  3. I would go even further and take Stephenson out from behind the plate for good. We have a huge hole to fill at 1B and he would slot in there nicely. Keeping him healthy should be a top priority for this team.

  4. I think 1B/DH is mainly going to go to Encarnacion-Strand in the future and I think Stephenson would best be used at Catcher/1B/DH.

  5. Eh. Maile is a 7 year veteran at this point. He’s a solid backup for Stephenson. No need to waste a roster spot on a second offensively limited backup catcher.

  6. I do understand this, but I don't think it can be overstated how much more valuable Stephenson is by keeping him healthy and his bat in the lineup 5-6 days a week.

  7. I think the most realistic signing is one of Barnhart, Narvaez or Zunino.

  8. I'm all for moving TySteve off catcher. His career would be long and prosperous at 1B. Votto's going to have to agree to move to DH for this to actually happen, though.

  9. Fuck Bronson Arroyo. Hopefully he’s playing his guitar at a shitty dive bar.

  10. No, this is Eric Davis number. Nor would I want anyone donning the number 11.

  11. He's likely to be too expensive. The Reds would have to add a bunch of incentives, more years or more money than other clubs in order to sway him to come here.

  12. I mean could you imagine getting to play CF in this tiny OF, getting to launch bombs over the short RF fence, and playing for a rebuilding club in a small media market where there’s essentially no external pressure? And also, if you do rebound, you’re one of the top stars of the team and not just another guy in a great lineup

  13. Imagine if he did come back and loved it in Cincy and we had:

  14. I like this a lot. I think Newman has as much or more upside than Farmer and is younger and cheaper. Plus we got a AA arm out of it with potential.

  15. reasons why 2023 will be the best season in the last 2 years

  16. Every time I see the Twins logo out of context, I usually think either:

  17. Apparently Warren is going to miss all of 2023 with elbow surgery.

  18. I've been an Xbox fan for my entire life and I bought a PS5 for that exact reason. Ghosts of Tushima was pretty good too.

  19. I mentioned above, but I got this as a gift for Christmas a couple of years ago. I wore it out once and got accused of wearing a hat with black face on it by some teenage girl… I wear it when I mow my lawn now.

  20. I bet you told her to get off your lawn too and then the cashier clapped.

  21. Reds fans boo and talk a ton of crap about Joey Votto and used to boo and blame the Reds failures on Griffey.

  22. Yo some respect on Beltre’s name, dude really kicked it up in his thirties

  23. Beltre is absolutely not talked about enough. A complete lock for the hall of Fame and should be first ballot.

  24. Insane how good his numbers are, when most of my life he felt like an afterthought

  25. Hate to break it to you, but I've been to many many US hospitals and the majority of them are indistinguishable from this video. Especially the scrubs dispenser and collector.

  26. I work in Cincinnati and our closest hospital to this is Children's Hospital and it's still not this nice.

  27. The majority of Reddit has no idea what actual US costs are for insured people and instead are reeing about people posting bills that they undoubtedly will never pay. In fact for many of us healthcare costs less than it does in Europe.

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