1. What system? Im on both but I wont be on till next week, just started learning the game if you dont mind playing a newer player

  2. Id recommend playing Kasual matches instead of KL. Find someone closer to you skill level and play as many games as you can with them, doesn't matter what character they use they just need to be close or around your skill level, id recommend friending them too so you can always play with them later. If someone's really good then find other opponents try to gather some things you could improve on like combos, or spacing, zoning patterns ect. Take those into training mode after rinse and repeat even if its only one problem at a time keep trying to improve

  3. Try out injustice 2 if you havent yet, online might be pretty rough with how oppressive a lot of the cast can be, but man is there a ton of single player content to play with and character gear TONS of it

  4. I love the xbox control dpad although playing games like MVC will begin to hurt after long hours lol. If you have an xbox control Id recommend a Brooke Converter they are 40$ and they have a turbo function you could use to help you get all the legendary gear for inj2

  5. Yeah. I just wish me committing to B231 didn’t let me be vulnerable in that moment without cancelable.

  6. You dont have to commit to the full string, use your normals and if they have high hit advantage you can work with that, block advantage isnt as important here because even though a move might be (0) on block like kitanas b2, by the time they realize the stagger you technically have advantage here. You can work with this as well. If your looking for a game with crazy combo routes then Id recommend mkx

  7. Yeah but the game has already happened. I’m not going to get that exact moment again and used B14.

  8. Believe it or not this situation can actually happen and a lot. If your opponent knows you cant deal with this situation they might abuse it on you and get easy wins.

  9. If your not feeling confident then maybe you have good reason to be, start learning and doing research about the game, combos alone will only get you so far you need to also know about defense, practice teching throws and flawless blocking. I recommend raptor on youtube or check out the few guides Sonic Fox has made and build from there, sometimes you might wanna play people just to see what you could work on. If you lose really bad try to pick something to get better at even if its one problem at a time. Also you dont have to keep rematching someone who destroys you, its ok to search for someone at your skill level your here to have a good time too and testing things live in a match is so useful but if your playing against someone whos significantly better than you I would recommend finding another opponent. "Your goal is to win, and you win by improving, so your real goal is to improve" Lord Knight

  10. Definitely check Sonicfox, NinjaKilla (and all his dam hidden accounts lol), Rewind, Waz, Foxy Grandpa, Forever King, Kombat, Silverye, and Hayatei these are some of my favorite from the top players

  11. Promote yourself on discord and even here drop your twitch maybe ill check it out if I got free time

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