A flamethrower drone taking out a wasp nest

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Helicopter Air-to-Air Refueling

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  1. that "local radio show" is the biggest radio show in Los Angeles and syndicated all over the country. maybe you'd know about it if they advertised on the back of playboy.

  2. Oh man good one. Back of playboy? You oh sure got me. Oh it’s a syndicated radio show? My heavens. A thousand apologies. He’s still a dickhead.

  3. I always put my cart back but next time I’m not going to just to spite you.

  4. I'm in the top 1%, idk whether to be proud or ashamed

  5. If it's an apartment community, call the office or go in. After verifying it is for sure visitor parking, file an official complaint with a manager for vandalism/harassment and give them her description and her car details so they take care of it. If it happens again, call the police. Keep the photos as proof and get a good photo of where you are parked as well, after that get your car to a car wash so the acidity in the mustard/ketchup doesn't eat away at your car's paint.

  6. Why not call the police now and have it documented and they can find out who she is. Cops don’t care about anything that didn’t happen the day you called.

  7. This'll be used in training vids along with the crushed foot photo

  8. Why do people want to see this? Don’t you have something fun to watch? Hug your friends? Play games?

  9. Yea but I want to see the smashed foot and see if it was worse than the Wiley coyote smashed foot I saw.

  10. I dumped twelve skinned bodies in the river near my house

  11. Of course call 911. For some fake bullshit drama. Like always. Ghetto ass people always do this shit.

  12. That's not possible. Plasma is basically a gas, it will want to spread out in all directions.

  13. https://youtu.be/07vdtBMG4Kg

  14. There are theories that radar effects them somehow and they don’t have radar where they come from.

  15. There was a b2 stealth bomber mission that lasted 44.3 hours non-stop flying with a bunch of midair refueling. The b2 flew from Missouri, across the Pacific Ocean, to Afghanistan to drop bombs, then landed at a British territory in the Indian Ocean to refuel and swap crews. Then it flew 30 hours back to the US. (The engines were running for 70 hours, non-stop).

  16. I was gonna say I know the b-2 has a toilet. They even sleep in the back seat too

  17. For your mad sand volley ball skills?

  18. “Back in high school you said I was gayer than the volleyball scene in top gun. “

  19. The dude tried to pull an Emperor Palpatine.

  20. I don’t know. I just know I love Peruvian women. That is all.

  21. That's like me. I did a 3rd grade book report on The Fellowship of the Ring. Wild that my teacher let me do it. Everyone else was doing like Goose Bumps or the babysitters club. And here I am building a diarama of the battle at Weathertop where Frodo gets stabbed by the witch king. Definitely not appropriate for a 3rd grader.

  22. Oops. My kids watch f those movies in kindergarten and first grade.

  23. 3-4pm. Batman TAS, spider-man, X-Men

  24. Mighty Max in the morning. Along with turtles ghostbusters. Etc

  25. “Are we there yet?,Are we there yet?,Are we there yet?”

  26. I’ll turn this damn spaceship around. That will end your precious little field trip pretty damn quick.

  27. Lol sorry you got butthurt because your mental gymnastics didn’t work out. Seriously. These theories look like they’re written by schizophrenic people.

  28. Eh we’ll see what happens tomorrow. And if not, no biggie. The wait continues. Oh and fuck off!

  29. Lol. No biggie. But let me write this long diatribe why I think that all the information saying nothing will happen is just a “troll”. Lol how dumb. Get a life. And it doesn’t bother me to be told to fuck off by someone that is this oblivious to the real world.

  30. He's talking about the movies. Cage Match is coming out next year, so the movie series is still ongoing. I really doubt he'd randomly confirm a separate animated series without an official announcement from WB beforehand

  31. He’s talking about the animated movies dude. Use context clues.

  32. Every chef worth their weight in gold knows only one tot can be harvested per potato.

  33. Hmm, no comment then what the "non climbers" will think about people using the word "send" when a proper word already exists!

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