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  1. Hi OP, if it helps I am in a similar property with similar joint household income. We both put in Β£1500pcm to the joint account and that covers pretty much everything. We pay our own motoring costs and have everything else incl life assurance etc coming from the joint. Mortgage is Β£1100/month. We normally have a few hundred left over each month which is used for any bigger house purchases. Good luck on the new house!

  2. I have been using the orphans subreddit to show my drs shares because I haven't been able to post here yet but now I finally can post here so how would I make that transition???? I wanna be at the big table 😩

  3. I scroll on Superstonk and upvote posts all day. Breaking my lurker status bc I REALLY want one of those undead blocks melee weapons they're giving away, but I can't post my wallet on the stonk, so any and all Karma appreciated.

  4. If it helps, I’m in not an orphan but I’ve dm’d a few of the superstonk creators and they’ve been more than happy to send a cheeky collectible my way. You also need to post a pic of your DRS for the bot to be fed. Nom nom nom.

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