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  2. Yes. This. I'll grab onto my balls and say this I guess. Try until someone believes me 🙏😊 Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. You coud always say that they are restructuring and theres layoffs going around. You want to explore options for yourself while you have a chance.

  4. Your safer bet is dev+qa on one and another for prod. On the off chance of mistakes or miconfiguration your prod will be more isolated. Either way the service in the cluster control ports that are used and namespaces for each will keep services unique.

  5. No idea but I've really considered moving to Norway since 2016, lol. I know it has its own issues but damn it's beautiful there.

  6. I know a guy that's a really good softwared eveloper. When Covid lockdowns started and remote was standard he packed up and went to Estonia, he's the happiest he's ever been.

  7. Great list, I've also seen cutting back on contractors and closely watching hours billed for the ones not let go.

  8. I had a similar experience, a week before covid lockdowns I took a job that I needed after being laid off. The person that I was replacing barely had any time or interest to help, they dropped a bunch on my desk and ran off. The guy that had experience with the company and technology vanished to burn up PTO for fun. I had to onboard and figure out new tech stuff I had only heard about but never did more. Operating systens, builds, deploys, hosting all kinds of stuff that I knew the names of barely much more, it was extremely frustrating going through junk documentation and having people chase me down to do stuff that they knew more about. I sat at my home desk from 8 am to 9 or 10 at night everyday trying to figure junk out, I was convinced they would think I was a bad hire and show me the door. I remember working on something at 10 at night on easter Sunday thinking I should just quit.

  9. I was at a job where my manager wanted a promotion for himself and asked me to be lead so he can move up. I thought we were friends and politely declined because I was happy doing my job.

  10. So agree. They speak as if an entire generation is one person (bent on evilness).

  11. I'm on the line of gen x/millenial depending on the sliding timeframe per news article. I've seen and heard a lot of other Gen X people say millenials are weak, lazy, and stupid.

  12. Seriously. My parents are boomers and I got a participation trophy for every sport.

  13. My parents were middle class boomers, they got mad and scoffed about participation trophies in the 80's then in the 90's scoffed and laughed at other parents giving timeouts instead of physical punishment.

  14. It's also present in at least three of From's games: Dark Souls 3, Sekiro, and Bloodborne.

  15. A lot of CS jobs and jobs in general require a bachelors. If you don't have one then the jobs that you can easily apply to are a much smaller set. Being in IT for 20 something years I've seen people with all kinds of degrees outside of CS, mine is in science but not CS.

  16. The dev team I work with does all the coding and focuses on that. It would be a huge challenge to do any devops/sre work since their overwhelmed with coding and feature enhancements from product. None of them really have any time to learn things outside their primary jobs. I've given them clean good CI/CD, their good at getting pod logs sometimes, none of them have any time to branch out from the coding.

  17. Thank you for sharing how your team works :) Who gets the incident call and responds to it? FYI, in my case, each team is responsible for monitoring and operating its own service. Meanwhile, they call devops teams for most of the issues since either they don't know how to handle it or don't have permission to execute some commands for it.

  18. A mistake I've made is going out of the way trying too hard to be funny or likeable, Be cool, calm, and yourself.

  19. Knowing the type of job would help get some ideas. I grew up in a small rural town 1.5 hours from St. Louis and live in a big city now. IF I could remote work AND want a quite town for my kids maybe.

  20. You rock for this, and bonus points for the extra statement of having caution because I have a feeling they would be like “why are you leaving? You can grow with the company” blah blah. They like to show the ability for advancement. While, I don’t doubt it, it’s been 3 years and I met MAYBE 27k. Maybe. It’s time for something new with leas toxicity

  21. I have found the least toxic environments are the ones where everyone works. Supervisors, managers and chiefs all do the same work as their subordinates. They also tend to take on the more complicated and political work in addition to the regular dept/company duties that everyone performs. That person agrees to take on extra work and act as the buffer from the outside for issues coming down and going up the chain. The net effect is everyone contributes and the random shit that gets hoisted from outside the group gets filtered and processed by that leadership role, so as to not disrupt the workflow and cause chaos. It’s a variation of the extreme ownership method.

  22. I think you hit the nail on the head there. My good job has managers that work and filter out the BS before it rolls dowhill.

  23. Thanks for adding that context. It really adds a lot of value.

  24. I got lucky with a goldilocks BUT I may be insulated and I know that there are some people in the organization that I would rather quit than work for.

  25. Networking. The job I am going to be starting next week was the result of a linked in thread. If you know how to use it, it can be invaluable.

  26. I was laid off a month before Covid, I used Indeed, Dice all that. A whole bunch of interviews that got close with no offers.

  27. It's a knee injury in a food service job which requires walking, I feel like there really isn't an accommodation they can make.

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