1. how about latinamerican,athleticlightlytallerthanmefunnybutknowshowtobeseriouswhenneededfriendlythatalsoknowshowtojokeabouttraumandhasthedarkesthumoriveeverseeninmyentirelifebutsomehowdoesntoffendanyonewhensayinganything

  2. Can confirm. I am in your walls.

  3. Sounds fr*nch, so i pass and take the woman

  4. a ver pedazo de estufa de 4 bolivares del mercado negro, eso no es fr*ncés es una arepita con carne mechada de toda la vida

  5. se enviolentaron bien fuerte weon jajajaja

  6. Not only two,my friend, legends say that thousands lie in the clouds that thou shall not see, waiting for a winter long enough to rise agian

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