Barber shaves head in solidarity with his cancer friend.

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  1. We are literally surrounded by BLM land where there are safe distances like this.

  2. I’m so upset, mid October I went out to my usual BLM area off of the mt hood hwy just past Sandy and it had signage posted saying no use of firearms allowed. It was my special spot and no one bothered me there. People were still shooting there but now I gotta find a new place

  3. Even the Jedi consulars knew diplomacy could only work so often. Eventually a knight must come to blows.

  4. I go with orange because Cal is like, the only ginger Jedi I know of. It's basically his signature color.

  5. I was happy to be recognized when I saw the main character was a legit ginger

  6. Love it mate. He has a shortened version of my name and is ginger as well, throw in a similar hairstyle to boot. Cal is class.

  7. I’m considering going as him to Disneyland for Halloween

  8. Do they lose their fangs when they molt too? I know nothing about tarantulas

  9. See that’s the issue, Gunner barely resembles DS1R Clarke despite what people wanta say (corpo or otherwise)

  10. I actually agree, I think they look nothing alike. Gunner looks like handsome skinny guy. DS1 Isaac looks like your standard guy you might see working behind a gas station counter

  11. Thxs for taking the time to comment and agree with me l, despite the fact you might get karma bombed by the copium police.

  12. Eh it’s okay, I gotta plenty of karma to go around. The ds1r Isaac looks kind of like he’s half ginger (which I am full) maybe it’s just the lighting, but I can tell they were trying to go for the lookalike thing, but it missed a bit, maybe when it releases and we get more footage it’ll look better

  13. Funny how the characters generally bear a pretty close resemblance to their voice actors.

  14. I would say other than Issac, all the actors look just like the characters

  15. Are we calling it an MP5 because it has identical internals?

  16. Really? I absolutely hated this suit, and couldn’t wait to switch it out with anything else. What do you like about it?

  17. My favorite is the suits based on the Earth Gov suit, I feel like it’ll actually protects Isaac, it has thicker padding and armor plating

  18. I want the Jaro Topal saber! I’m planning on disneybounding as Cal Kestis this December, I’m a skinny ginger lol

  19. The second end cap for elemental nature looks ugly. The old tooth/claw thing was a lot cooler. Do they still have the old stuff?

  20. I never cared for the nature oriented lightsabers in any iteration of the universe. When I play Fallen Order I hate getting the split saber kuz you can’t take off Cere’s ugly switch

  21. In some ways I’m glad he didn’t, because then we wouldn’t have Ewan McGregor as young Kenobi

  22. You’re getting downvoted, but there is a lot to be said about how miraculous the Ewan-Alec correlation is that people may not be aware of. Makeup artists for Star Wars have remarked that they share nearly identical facial structures.

  23. I guess I missed the downvotes lol

  24. Me with no PS5 or XB series S/X….

  25. Same. I guess I don’t know much about graphics kuz it looks like it should run on a ps4 fine

  26. run fine in what, 5 fps 720p? it's not even only about graphics: ps4 has ancient cpu, less ram, hdd and no support for current ssd standard because of sata2 or something... no way

  27. Like I said I know nothing about the inner workings of graphics. I’d say dead space remake looks no better than Callisto and it runs fine on my ps4

  28. I’m so jelly, my ARM kit has been sitting under my bed for over a year, I need to get to work rewelding the receiver and get a barrel.

  29. Your ARM kit came with usable receiver stubs??

  30. If you’re referring to the locking lugs, no. A guy on this sub happened to see a comment of mine saying how hard it is to find a reweldable receiver and sent me pics of his, so I bought it from him. I also bought a couple of $10 scrap receivers to practice with

  31. Bruh ds1 Isaac looks cool, I don’t see how you’re getting nerd from him. Also that guy on the bottom left doesn’t even look like Issac, that not actually from Ds2 is it?

  32. bottom left is DS1 Issac lmao, Top left is DS2 and the ones on the right are Remake Isaac

  33. Bottom left doesn’t even look like ds1 to me, his mouth looks small and his cheeks look so big

  34. Oh FUCK NO. My whole body died and resurrected when the pus went into his ear what the hell

  35. Seriously. I had to scroll back up and see what sub I was in, with all this pussy ass shit being said.

  36. Amen, put that 11.5 upper on your rifle lower if you want

  37. I thought the landlords daughter was a very sweet person

  38. Def marry her, kill MJ for sure (she sucks) and uh, you know

  39. Yep, pretty much hit the nail on the head. Now I don't really know how hard it is to get a suppressor but I reckon not too hard as a lot of people at the range have one. As for conceal carry laws, yeah that sucks, if you wanna carry, you gotta have "a good reason" (and prove that you can handle a firearm, etc) and defending myself and others is not a "good enough reason"

  40. Oh okay, thanks for the info! Happy shooting

  41. Switzerland has some cool gun laws and some super lame ones. Like y’all can own machine guns with a permit (we can too but you’re looking at a minimum of 8k for the cheapest) also it sounds like suppressors are a lot easier to get in Switzerland? Correct me if I’m wrong. But also y’all can’t conceal carry. Can you use your gun for self defense in the case of a home invasion? (Sorry if I got any of your laws/rules wrong)

  42. You could also say Lil Mania or Lil Depression

  43. Then why do I almost pass out after one steak?

  44. I have zero energy after eating a steak lmao

  45. I wanted to be a military pilot in real life, it never happened for a multitude of reasons. But learned about DCS and jumped in head first. Closest I’ll get and that’s okay.

  46. Same. Medically disqualified and I’m likely too tall at 6’7. I have done an aerobatic/mock dogfight against my stepdad in two Marchetti SF 260’s when I was 14. It got me into warplanes. Was the best thing ever. While I can’t afford to build a PC for DCS, I have been playing the fuck out of AC7 in VR. Super arcade and not realistic but it’s a beautiful game and incredibly fun in VR

  47. Nope never. I always play as immersively as possible

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