Patient is moved to tears when this therapy horse named Paçoca calmly rests its head on patient's chest. The equinine therapy center in Brazil stated that they had never seen any of their horses act like this with their patients.

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  1. Geez. Why do you want to make me cry?

  2. Yeah it’s all of 7:30 am here. Glad I’m crying before starting work.

  3. Did he heat the pan up for more than 2 minutes?

  4. Honest question: how badly has Max torn up your house?

  5. Honest question: how badly has Max torn up your house?

  6. Got about 25 pounds of leg muscle you could lose. Not sure why you’d want to though. Legs are looking TOUGH.

  7. It makes me insecure too. I found out he was looking them up by names and it bothered me so much. He couldn't remember large details about me but remembers them very well. We are happy but I also think I'm just insecure. You're feelings are valid and his could be too. I suggest talking about it when you're comfortable and finding an in-between for both of you.

  8. This is an interesting point. The guys who really, REALLY know all the details about the porn stars are kinda on a whole different level IMO. I could see that making a woman insecure.

  9. Why is it mixed in with all the other cakes!?

  10. I’m honestly amazed that this dude’s body type allowed him to do this. He’s genuinely cool af.

  11. Before the George Foreman, there was the…SNAKMASTER!

  12. This is very straight forward. Did you actually post this to social media?

  13. This is the premise of Mike Pollen's book, the Botany of Desire. He says there are four plants that give humans something valuable and so we take care of them. The apple, the tulip, marijuana, and the potato.

  14. Came here to comment that this book explains a lot about how things evolved to suit our tastes and needs

  15. Not an actress for sure… “…that 26 [unemotional pause - oh yeah] kids…” ok ok, HOLD UP! Before you act out at me if you’re triggered now, I fully and unequivocally abhor violence in general, and cannot fathom the pain and loss, utter trauma, of losing a loved one, and how beyond that is when it’s your child, and it a pointless violent way from another dark and afflicted being. Why, I mean WHY would any one / group ever fabricate such a dark and tragic event; lie in that way??? It would be out of the movies or tv, some evil murderous crime lord scum. Simply unbelievable that some one could do such evil. To clarify, for me I make it a practice to generally avoid the on-off, yes-no, binary, believe- don’t believe approach to these matters. I know that tragedy and existential crisis will likely be something I have to deal with directly, and assuming CERTAIN emotional energy outside of my sphere of reality seems quite unfair and useless. I’d like to ASSUME it’s impossible that this event was a lie/fabricated. However, as devils advocate, IF much smarter manipulative individuals/group/controller wanted to influence massive amounts of peoples’ emotions, psychology, and to cause shallow and emotional arguments amongst people in this cultural realm of discussion, what a masterful stroke. IF SH is a lie, great news, likely they’re alive AND manipulation is working wonders on society in terms of stimulating fear, gun control topics, and social policing around matters that really don’t get discussed fairly because so many people are wont to slip right into an emotionally triggered and angry-anxious state. The greatest evils in this world likely have developed and advanced, sadly, in a similarly imperceptible way much like many of us don’t know how these advanced technologies work…that high level engineering, artistic mastery, the greatest magicians, the hidden masters likely even exceed that which we’re familiar with. I love and care about human kind, and I don’t take a side…I just try to consider date from many various, interesting and intriguing angles, while being aware of my distance from the subject matter, limiting and keeping my emotions in check. Otherwise, reacting, it’s likely I’d miss some valuable snippets, portions or the entirety of information that exists around statements and claims presented. Anyhow,💌 truly sent with love, and my heart is heavy for anyone that did in fact lose loved at SH. I’m still, however, sitting on the fence watching these “realities” being presented, as my journey has shown me how to not drop my guard; continue working toward opening my mind-eye aperture. All the world’s a stage…and all that. Good journey to you and yours.

  16. You: “This person paused when talking! Got em! Now I’ll go off on some inexplicable esoteric tangent. The only problem is that the group who would most likely find meaning in my incoherent ramblings are locked up in psych wards.”

  17. Of course I didn't get anyone. It's ok if you can't follow along and read, think and process what I wrote for consideration. For those who can consider what I wrote and not be triggered to judge and react, it's for them. No need for psych wards... it's all out in the open, and even you seem to be in it. Make your excuses though, it's fine. I took great care to write what I wrote, and was purely speculating on the pause. (Though I have refreshed my interest in re-visiting some of the documentaries, and do think there are many important questions about SH). I wish you'd put a little more efforts in your response. Wishing you the best. Good luck and good journey.

  18. This made me laugh controllably uncontrollably.

  19. Nothing to roast, babe. You’re a dime and I’d take you out for dinner so hard.

  20. Create a Reddit account for her. Join this sub. Then KICK HER THE FUCK OUT.

  21. I’m genuinely happy to read that he survived because between the video itself and OP’s caption I slightly lol’d at the fall (and it felt terrible).

  22. If 6 and a quarter is a “small dick” according to the women who have actually seen your dick, then they haven’t seen many dicks. And if a dude says that’s small, he’s just making fun of you to fuck with you and/or he had a small dick for real.

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