1. No good doctor will give you thyroid meds off of ONE abnormal T3 reading when you're not particularly symptomatic. But yeah, you've basically just been in an incrementally smaller deficit...so you spent the last 3 months causing MORE down-regulation, and delaying recovery. Does your coach own a pharmaceutical company, or a HRT clinic by chance? (joking).

  2. This! Doctors won't RX thyroid meds if your T4 and TSH normal. Very few people are RXd T3 anyway. The "HRT clinics" are the new pill mills and will put anybody on anything under the guise of HRT or wellness or anti-aging. If it's a telemed visit with an HRT clinic and an untrained nurse practitioner is recommending hormones, I would get a second opinion.

  3. Try mirena or other hormone containing IUD? It's such a low dose and will drastically improve your cycle severity and length in most cases

  4. Do you feel any cramps with copper IUD? I don’t have any period pain or anything. But I’m thinking of getting a BC because I’m not ready for a baby now and I’m in a committed relationship.

  5. No cramps at all. My cycles were always on the lighter side even without birth control though.

  6. I checked out her IG and I think she will need another few years to be really competitive. She looks young and has small glutes.

  7. The best hospitalists are the ones who show their face in the ER. Come down for an admit and do face to face every once in a while. Hang out for a bit. We dont want to "dump" patients on you. If we know and like you we are more likely to talk things through if it's a soft admit, maybe even DC them after talking.

  8. Win pro card? Very doable. Be successful pro? Unlikely, but doable if you have stellar genetics and are PATIENT enough to grow

  9. Honestly it doesn't matter what's typical, logical, or right. It only matters what is stated policy/contract. Sucks...but is what it is

  10. Do you have a posing coach? You look phenomenal but your side pose (middle pic) could use some work. It's very straight up and down (don't know how else to describe it). You'll win almost every amateur comp with that back pose, well done!

  11. Pick the specialty you want to do for the rest of your career. Don't choose EM bc you feel like you have to get the ball rolling with residency and you actually want to do Anes. Pick a specialty, commit to that path whatever that looks like.

  12. If you're competing in NPC it will likely be way larger than other girls. Lots of natty federations require larger suit cut.

  13. I don't have anything to offer other than to say maybe look a little further north for Airbnb or hotel, something on the light rail to use for transportation. Will be cheaper than downtown and Med center hotels

  14. We've been doing this for as long as I've been a doctor (11 years). Sometimes I feel like it's a damn shame, but then again- Registration/triage nurses/PIT team don't work for free. You used their/our time and that costs money. Healthcare is a business not a charity.

  15. Robes, socks, blankets for show day if they don't have already. Massage gift certificate.

  16. I believe can go to the ER and ask them to retroactively sign you up for Medicaid.

  17. Who is "them" in the ER? The only people at the hospital that might help you do this is case management and they certainly aren't there on a weekend night. Also Medicaid is for the poor, not all who don't have insurance qualify for Medicaid.

  18. Nothing good happens after 39 weeks!!! As told to me by multiple OB colleagues and friends

  19. Have you talked to your partner about this? Mine knows dieting isn't fun but it's temporary so he won't ever try to get me to cheat or eat something off plan. Sometimes he will offer to be nice but won't push it when I say no thanks, I'll just eat my food.

  20. When I interviewed at several places I realized that “orientation” and “community ED” were two words not used together very often.

  21. I've worked at lots of community places and always got a mini orientation and shadow shifts. Not anything horribly official, but if you don't even know what services you have and don't have- thats a big problem.

  22. Hopefully he has a certain tolerance for how often she talks about her glory days as a figure competitor. 🥴

  23. I'm hoping she makes stories about how great her relationship is and how it's based in honesty and trust haha

  24. I only have one child but I'm the higher earner in the family and I was so happy to be back at work . Stay at home drives me absolutely crazy. I don't work everyday but I need to work for my sanity.

  25. Angela is the OG when it comes to suspected glute injections. I will add that Kass midsection looking like men's open belly, woof. Not a good or feminine look

  26. Do not for the love of god go to a surgeon out of town/state from where you live. If god forbid you have a complication nobody else will touch you. See so many botched jobs from Miami and Mexico who show up randomly and expect other surgeons to deal with another surgeons complication.

  27. I hate to say it, but it wouldn't surprise me if fewer corporate hospitals offer Emergency services. That relieves them of the requirement to provide services to the uninsured, per EMTALA. Services are limited to studies, labs and direct admits. Corporate owned hospitals can accept insurance that pay the most and deny everything else. That, or be like Kaiser Permanente and run all services.

  28. Would they still have to accept transfers? (If they accepted medicaid/Medicare)

  29. I don't think anybody is bashing her. But it's an obvious physical attribute. Lots of pros have implants that don't look great or are too large and it's quite distracting. She got them via surgery so expecting them to be fixed via surgery is a rational expectation. Would be totally rude to say oh so and so really should get a nose job her natural nose is awful!!

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