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  1. Jessie Palmer- dental hygenist Calysta Upperman- nurse Camille Periat- gym owner (still fitness but different work)

  2. Hey - I think just about EVERY competitor can relate to this. Sure there are outliers…but that’s what they are. This is anything but standard. It is, as others have mentioned, related to ghrelin and leptin signalling being way off despite resuming calories. This is one of the many reasons I’m not a proponent of the standard “reverse diet” - as I’ve mentioned before the people who coined the term reverse diet (ig: team3dmj) have long since abandoned the approach in favor of a “recovery diet.” They noted a 95% failure in ability to slowly reverse calories, which also subsequently is prolonging time in a deficit, hunger signaling, and ability to build muscle before next prep. You’re absolutely right - it’s really fucking hard, but seems easy for the likes of “top coaches” Adam and James to tell girls to stay within 10lbs of stage weight - sound advice coming from two dudes whose breasts I can see through t-shirts.

  3. Ooooo interesting thought about ozempic etc. Some of the theory of "why it works" is not only appetite control and hunger signaling, but it may also lower the body weight "set point." This is because obesity research proves over and over again that caloric deficit doesn't work long term. Most will regain the weight or more. People on ozempic however lose the weight and then KEEP it off, which is huge.

  4. Will let you know what I find. I do know there are PLENTY of lean people taking it. It’s very expensive, but there are large niches of people that shit miney and are willing to take this route. I do know if obesity research that suggests a deficit does not work. The weight regain is always failure to adhere to maintaince cal, decreased output, or a combination. That being said, I believe there’s good data to support higher signalling from formerly obese. It’s harder to stay lean, but it’s also but by definition, if you’re gaining you’re not in a deficit.

  5. We are all just walking Minnesota Starvation experiments...only difference I think is that we aren't on protein deficient diets. Most interesting part of that study as it applies to this discussion is the refeeding phase findings.

  6. Yep sure do have a CPA. Don't want anything to do with it. I find it painful to even gather documents needed to send to CPA. I think it depends also on how "complicated" the rest of your situation is. My CPA does my business and my husband and Is personal taxes, we have rental property also and our pay structure is a little odd. Not worth my time and energy and then anxiety wondering if I did it right...

  7. I just wake up at whatever time, get in a good workout, try to exhaust myself so I can take a good afternoon nap. First night sucks. First sleep after Night Shift sucks, so then second night really sucks. Then after that it's smooth sailing and you sleep ok and are awake for shift, then you get the pleasure of switching back to day shift!!!

  8. I’m not sure why everyone is so skeptical of this. While this particular post is probably made up for clout, like, this is happening and I’m not sure why anyone’s surprised. Are y’all not aware of what’s happening in states that are criminalizing abortion? Have we not seen the women being arrested out of the damn hospital beds? Nurses calling the cops over suspected abortions?

  9. I don't think abortions are performed or not based on when a person states their LMP is....there's more to dating than believing somebody when they think they maybe could have possibly had their last period

  10. Right but in a woman’s mind it creates a paper trail that can be used against them in court. When a state threatens women with legal ramifications if they have an abortion/miscarriage (perceived as due to their actions during pregnancy and thus prosecutable) we cannot blame them from withholding reproductive information from physicians.

  11. I get that people think that it creates a paper trail...but people think all sorts of things that are incorrect. I'm not here to debate abortion or not, just the specific post and how absurd it is

  12. How old are you? You seem a bit young. My parents don't necessarily support me, but they don't NOT support me. They went to one show early on and we're like hmm weird (my dad especially). It's BORING as hell to watch amateur shows IMO. My husband went to one show and he wasn't exactly thrilled either, but does like to watch certain divisions of pro shows and enjoyed the Olympia. I'm in my mid thirties and don't really care if anybody supports me as long as they don't actively try to sabotage me or anything. Friends who are also competitors will be your biggest support system I've found. Either team mates, friends you make competing, or even social media friends.

  13. For me, it is more when my weight came back up. I’m 5”4 and lost it <120lbs. I got very lean/small during my last show. Got pregnant 3 months after my last show.

  14. Sometimes they fall on the same weekend every year if you look at this years calendar you can get an approximate timeline, like third weekend of April or whatever. Can also email promotors and see if they have a date, they just won't put it out there till everything is finalized etc.

  15. I stopped following this sub because it really is a mob mentality that can get pretty ugly, and his audience is no different although they claim to be.

  16. Nice! Love the routine you look awesome . What federation?? Seems short for IFBB and long for NPC

  17. Even over the counter meds like bronkaid/ ephedrine are banned in most natty organizations. As others said there are lists of banned substances on website for natty orgs and natty shows of NPC/IFBB

  18. You look great. Are you planning on staying in OCB or try other federations too?

  19. Unlikely. He basically said he won't go after coaches in public. He said he would text them first and let them do the right thing privately. We all caught Tee editing her stage photos and they were taken down afterwards.

  20. (Texas) Our hospital did this during COVID. Nursing shortage plus no shortage of patients...

  21. I don't think you work where I do, because the odds aren't there, but any doc in any ER in my city could have written the exact same thing.

  22. What specialty?? In ER the fellows are used to teach the residents procedures, not to keep them for themselves.

  23. She looks like a meerkat to me, so something related. Mira, Kalahari, Flower/Pookie/Daisy (from Meerkat Manor)

  24. Interested what Daraja feedback and her and Paul's opinion of what they did "wrong". I don't love the pink although photos aren't very accurate to what they look like in person. I feel like everytime they try to change her look too much it backfires. Like after overall for pro card and win at pro debut, they changed too much for the Arnold. Then went back to original Daraja and started winning again. I think same thing here, tried to change too much, put on too much muscle, maybe not the right suit, not her typical hamstring/glute conditioning, and it was a miss. Last years look IMO would have had her closer to top spot. Even on a "bad" day Daraja is still one of the most impressive athletes up there, which is pretty freaking incredible.

  25. Maybe it’s just early in the season...not uncommon for competitors to start out on the fuller side the first show back and then tighten up more and more. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. This too. Exactly what happened to Jazzy this season so far, started a little over and keeps getting better each show

  27. Single? Heights. They just built like 5 apartment buildings on 19th/20th. Easy access to social stuff and easy to get to interstate

  28. So when figure looked like bikini. This is rhetorical but who really things any look at a pro level is sustainable !?

  29. Attainable and sustainable are very different things. Nobody claims that any stage condition for any division is sustainable.

  30. Again, personal opinions of them I'm going to throw out. Would I hire them as a coach? No. Would I listen to their Q&A? Yes.

  31. I think they both have good insight as to what bikini look judges go for. The only good thing James has ever done were his bikini recap videos. Those were insightful.

  32. Georgie Cooper. You can go back a couple of years too she has several prep series now. Not bikini but same shit in prep!

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