1. That’s like winning a scratch ticket but with an educated guess. Well done

  2. Im guessing not enough other schools have JV teams so there isn’t competition. My local high school only had a varsity team and it was a “non cut” sport.

  3. Only place to go up from the 21 degree 5 iron is a 17 degree 4 wood lol

  4. Nice job! Looks great. Do you have a picture of it packaged and in flight?

  5. I say jump. With instant retrain blessings loot is not a problem

  6. I just looked closer. 1100 for a driver? I wouldn’t do it. I thought the shaft was a fairway wood.

  7. This might sound crazy…but 10 is not enough. I’d do it for 15, but not 10. 🤷

  8. Yep. 20-30 yards all day long. I don’t always hit my friends new clubs because if I do and it’s pure….I will try and buy his or go straight to the store

  9. You plot a rendezvous maneuver to bring you vessel within a couple hundred meters of the target, then you plot a maneuver to match orbital velocity. Then you can make minor distance adjustments to get close enough to dock or grab.

  10. Back in the day I passed an emissions test with a picture of my girlfriend over the check engine light.

  11. Congrats! I just landed on the mun for the first time today

  12. Bet it was a hybrid and he plaques a 5 iron.

  13. Hey that’s me. I’m still here. I increased my position 10x. LFG! Boom 💥

  14. Boom! I enjoyed the video back then and still today. You Sir, are a legend!

  15. I forget but call screener wanted you to talk about electric car stock? And you presented a Trojan horse 😂

  16. Drag them back to the parts menu and they will be deleted

  17. Wrong size? Bummer! I heard goonies wear size 9’s. Maybe one of them needs shoes

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