1. I don’t talk about this a ton on Reddit, but I’m actually non-binary! I use any pronouns, so I fully support the allegations 😎

  2. “Legally we can all leave” seriously this was even before internet times. How did every school have one of those kids saying this?

  3. Parker, you're such a boy scout. When are you gonna give us a break?

  4. True, Tom.Cavanaugh is amazing. Though I really wish they let Matt Lescher(spelling peobably incorrect) play Eobard more since what little we got of him was also amazing(sidenote I also gave up on the Arrowverse in the middle of the Cicada season of Flash since that was boring as sin so maybe if he shows up more I'll give those episodes a chance.)

  5. I watched enough Magyar Népmesék as a kid to be able to smell the Hungarian artstyle before he said anything lol

  6. The joke is Putin might fall down the stairs soon too...

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