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  1. Me Dm me !! I wanna come I think I’m Int he chat alrdy

  2. Down I don’t use discord can you tell me how to communicate?

  3. Bitcoin fundamentals still intact. Bitcoin price has no foreseeable top because fiat system has no foreseeable bottom. Just stack sats, wait and be free. ✌🏽✨

  4. A lot of fiat is tied to btc so you’re def going to see btc fall as fiat takes a plunge

  5. I am from the hurst. Mom and pop all the way ! But I do wish they accepted credit cards with no minimum

  6. This is not only wrong, but basically racist. It’s ridiculous. You think “eastern philosophy” is distinct from western philosophy because they have rice paddies over there? wtf.

  7. I don't understand the racial profiling concern. Users can post clips of crimes and NYPD can access those. What's the problem with that? How does video evidence of a crime cause racial profiling? If I take video of someone stealing a package, and I give that to the police, is that causing racial profiling?

  8. My guess is they don’t want the type of same stuff that the some people in Asian community are currently feeling

  9. You must be new to the sub lol or really want me to say it…

  10. Nah. In my experience it's plenty normal to go back to a friend's place with a few others once the clubs shut to keep drinking. I used to do it weekly and not get home til 5/6am. Yall are presenting worst case scenario as most likely. I wouldn't be surprised if he's doing drugs, but automatically defaulting to cheating with no suggestion of it is weird.

  11. It’s there I take it to work everyday. Weekends/late weekdays and some Fridays the Manhattan side might be going local but coming back from the city will be express.

  12. Feel free to ask me any questions I’ve here all my life and can tell you some things that transplants won’t know about the subway scheduling

  13. That's what happens when you ingest nonstop crime news, it brainwashes you into being scared of your own shadow. Do you yourself a favor and put down the NYPost.

  14. I don’t even read the post or the news, I hear about friends and family getting harassed or beat , mostly Asian race related crimes

  15. How you call bullish but don’t know if the pick is good

  16. I was at a fancy bar the other night and a beer was $14. I opted to DD and drink water. That bought me almost 5 shares after tax and tip. Fucking silly.

  17. You're lucky I don't post ALL my finds 🤣. Just this last month has been unreal at the racks and I'm thankful.

  18. Can confirm it spreading to Bushwick as well with all the graffiti art embodying a certain aesthetic for Brooklyn

  19. The more you guys hype Icahn buyout the more weary I get about it ..

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