1. Takes me about 3 months to run through the whole thing start to finish lmfao. I can only do about one - two episodes at a time xD

  2. This is so contemporary. The colander effect sprinkled across her forehead as a representation of how much Steele's Pots and Pans has always been on top of her mind, the face scar to show the betrayal from Sir James, the alopecia to symbolyze her long lasting friendship with Giselle, this piece really has it all (emoantional)

  3. Sometimes, if I actually need a product that is being advertised, then yeah, sure I'll buy it because I've at least heard of it. It's nice to hear someone talk positively about something I actually need. Most products though, do not apply to me. But for the ones that do, if i have heard problematic things about it or know that it's a problematic process, like Better Help, then no. I look for other alternatives.

  4. Oh come on. Bob has superior stories, opinions, life experiences, personality, and hair. Bob is by far my favorite. You just can't hate him. He could literally punch a baby and I'd be like yeah that baby probably deserved it. Bob Squad for life.

  5. You're welcome!! Thanks for your wonderful comment!! πŸ‘‘

  6. Not distractible but an equally hilarious podcast I live by is My Dad Wrote A Porno. Long story short this dude's 60 year old dad retired & wrote a whole series of straight up hardcore porn novels, except it's... endearingly wholesome??? So they read the books out loud on the podcast. 10000/10 would recommend for life.

  7. Please share with us your own tier list of local food joints in your area πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί I think it would be awesome if we could fill this subreddit with our own faves & share our own experiences as well

  8. I wish people would take this opportunity to post about food places unique to your area. I wanna know about food places I've never seen or heard of before, either common fast food places outside of America or even local joints that just have good food. That's what I did 😊

  9. Foosack is a local chicken strips shop exclusive to southern Alabama & Florida. It's just like Canes except we didn't have Canes in my hometown (Mobile AL) until around 2010. So Foosack was THE PLACE TO BE. We had one a block away from my high school & all the cool kids hung out there after school. The stoners, the jocks, the emo kids, the band geeks... Foosack was like a sanctuary. God bless you if you were lucky enough to get hired because everyone wanted to work there. I have so many fond memories. One of my friends had their sweet 16 at Foosack. It was just there for us in a way that no one else was.

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