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  1. I bought this same PVM last week! So far I love it, at the moment I am using a RGB Scart cable from console5 to a RetroTink RGB2COMP to play the DC on (I know, not 480p, don't come after me! lol)

  2. Am I dumb or can Destiny just stream directly to his own Website? Why can't he just do that until he is allowed back on YouTube?

  3. I bought this same PVM this past weekend! How are you liking it?

  4. Stupid fucking sticky pads, and fuck anyone who uses them.

  5. Pho 96 or 95, or in a pinch Pho on 6th if you’re in that area. Last time I went to Pho Haus they didn’t know what Vegan meant, the cashier and the manager both thought it was gluten free, lmao. I hope they corrected the menu (2 years ago)

  6. Just at a glance, that picture of Ling in T7 looks way better than TTT2, way to start off with an L.

  7. setting tinder location to Osaka I will do my part.

  8. Awesome! I love it. I used to have some of those keychains and a clothe map, looks cozy in there

  9. This factorio arc is turning out to be the long Covid of content. Tasteless, tiring to even listen to, everything feels like it tastes like paper and gritty grey liquid. Give me the week or two of blazing hot LoL addiction that allows me to take a break. But this, I can’t go on with a glimmer of hope everyday, it’s almost worse than death. It’s like when you are so tired, but your colleagues or friends nudge you awake just when you taste freedom of the darkness. I’m in a Coma, and I want to leave forever.

  10. What’s that drum looking thing on the right next to the PS5?

  11. Those were the fuckin days man

  12. Reminds me of the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill. But also, vertical ps5 spotted!

  13. Number one! Blah blah blah AND NUMBER TWO!

  14. Snarfs. Really annoyed with the whole weed aesthetic with cheba hut. + sandwiches were mid at best.

  15. I go here all the time, colorado burrito is amazing

  16. As he is about to hit up the SNUF lol what a twerp

  17. Off or on, up to you. Not a big deal either way. Later.

  18. The start of “The Egg” side quest in RL.

  19. I got DreamPi working finally and was on PSO when we hit midnight, it was magic!

  20. I have no idea lol maybe I'll investigate for you!

  21. Look at all your house plants! Your mother was probably an old Hippy, huh?

  22. Haha you nailed it! Lol too true

  23. According to all mighty D, if she does “come round” it's totally to FUCK and not to hang out as friends. So get that through your skull kiddo. /s

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