Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. I wont downvote you. But you’re doing a whole lot of mental gymnastics to reason her racist remarks.

  2. Just telling the truth, no gymnastics at all. You are still welcome to vote for her recall. But she isn't wrong.

  3. It’s so scary to read you support racism. You read a headline, and make assumption after assumption of what she was trying to say.

  4. I'm pretty sure the guy complaining that his knee was injured at least did not realize they may have killed the man, but the "he was grabbing my gun" lie was super annoying since he was clearly incapable of doing any such thing for the majority of that interaction. He did not attempt to grab your gun while being beaten by 5 armed cops, it's dumb that that cop would even come up with that.

  5. Tri county electric started their own internet service and it was a complete life changer for my family. So fast and quality cs

  6. Why anyone gives a shit what that slobbering imbecile has to say about anything at this point is beyond me.

  7. Apple isn't going to say a word until they move all iphone productions away from China.

  8. Plows wreck even trucks designed to use them. A suburban is not designed to use one. Granted it’s just a driveway, and could probably handle a small plow, but still

  9. A suburban is just as up to the task of plowing as a 1500. Which is to say, could be worse. I've seen jeep gladiators with plows. Now that I wouldn't do.

  10. He's a RB. Literally never worth a top 10 pick in the NFL draft. You can get 80% of his value later in the draft.

  11. I mean it’s becoming rarer and probably will never happen again unless another Saquon pops up and even then it might not happen

  12. It’s a debate we’ve been having for 20 years now. It just takes a super stud, I agree. Another Saquon is 100% a top pick tho IMO, which is where we disagree. I believe the lack of a top 10 RB since 2018 is simply a lack of a super stud, not because the lack of value at the position. The league adjusted their value years ago

  13. Also recommend getting the beast, it’s pretty amazing for scouting.

  14. Hot Take: We take Witherspoon at 6, and Robinson at 18. Everyone’s pants are pooped. We all act like it’s what we wanted.

  15. I'm fully convinced an average MLB stats nerd would have been a been GM than the Tigers Al Avila. He was so far behind the times, the org just needed leadership that valued modern stats and analysis.

  16. you ignored the biggest protection; the rules. In slap boxing you are forced to take the hit defenseless by the rules in football the rules frown upon such hits

  17. They can defend themselves anytime they want. Just stop. Don’t make it illegal because they can get hurt, that’s just stupid. Make things illegal that hurt the uninvolved.

  18. how can they defend themselves? they either take the slap or they lose.

  19. Very easily. Don’t play. You act like they don’t have a choice. Are there rules that say quitters will be killed? Or quitters enter a lifelong servitude? They can stop and not play.

  20. That’s wild, I knew some of the teams coming in but Charlotte??

  21. Something messed up happened we aren’t hearing about. He was playing special teams but not CB. So odd, I hope whatever it is becomes public

  22. If that is your understanding, you don't "understand this right."

  23. Your rights are not tiered, your right to own a gun is no different than to free speech or to vote.

  24. Yes you can backup multiple devices with different Apple IDs. You don't even log out of your Apple ID. A backup is not parsable and you can't see what's in it. The Apple ID of the device being backed up is stored within the backup itself so those credentials would need to be entered into the device after the backup is restored to the device at a future date.

  25. Thank you very much. I'm not sure why I thought each iphone needed its "own" pc. Perhaps it was something like that in 2008.

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