The elephant in the room, or : the rugpull strikes back

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  1. Yeah, round lots are a real thing. If possible multiples of 100, limit orders, IEX.

  2. I have some questions about all this but I dare say we might need the expertise of a lawyer.

  3. There is, I tried to use it once, but from the list to select company, I can't find Gamestop is listed.

  4. That is okay. There should be an option at the top or bottom for "not listed". Click that.

  5. Hey! I'm assembling a few models and will put up a poll once they're ready. That proposal is on the table

  6. Me again Jon. I just wanted to draw your attention to something. I appreciate it isn't necessarily the highest form of evidence but I had a very interesting discussion with Computershare chat today. It may influence your interpretation of the 10-K or you may think it is jibberish. Either way, thank you for everything.

  7. On exactly this topic please cast your eye over my

  8. I have been all over the place with tinfoil this past 72 hours but I've landed on this:

  9. The new 10-K wording specifically avoided using the words "direct registered" and used the term "record holder" instead.

  10. Have you looked at the pictures from the discussion with Computershare? I'm not disputing who is or isn't a record holder. You can be a holder of record but not be holding Class A Common Stock. It is right there in black and white. When I asked they confirmed that "direct stock" is a different security to "class A common stock". The 10-K only makes reference to the class A common stock.

  11. There are 8 pictures in total. I should have made it clearer there are a lot of pictures to click through.

  12. I have just had an absolute BOMB SHELL of a conversation on Computershare chat. I will have to make a post later. HOLY SHIT. APES TOGETHER STRONG.

  13. I've done it. Just click through all the pictures. I didn't make it clear enough that there are 8 pictures to click through.

  14. This what I don’t get. Even if it isn’t helpful, even if we are wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with the idea of having the shares even more “in your name”.

  15. Man I 100% agree. I have been banging on about fractional shares being bullshit for ages. Spoiler alert, I'll be making an inflammatory AF post later about Plan.

  16. True. The DRS numbers from this time just happened to be taken on the day of a huge recent volume spike to 66M shares traded on Mar 22.

  17. That "operational efficiency" mechanism. Relating to holdings in Plan. It really makes me wonder.

  18. I'm not suggesting we've just had another rug-pull but I wonder if the previous rug-pull shares were only ever in Plan. Hear me out. Although I fully admit this is maximally tinfoil.

  19. I'm increasingly convinced that what is in the Plan holdings are not "Class A Common Stock". The more I click around the more I think they are legally distinct. I don't have a link to hand for an example but if you go and look at a paper letter from Computershare which has shares in Plan it is a distinct line entry and it isn't called "Class A Common Stock".

  20. Can you post this on the stonk sub? I'd go with a better title though lol

  21. I think some of the best Apes who do post lots of updates on their work end up getting a temporary ban for posting too much.

  22. They must have responded to someone, like the guy who went to see the ledger last year, unless he communicated through some other official channels.

  23. We need a big push of moving Direct Stock purchases to Direct Registration.

  24. I am probably guilty of this. I can only apologise.

  25. You'll need a bank account with Wise (or something similar).

  26. I have a bunch that I have not DRS’d. Please don’t hurt me. My buddy has a bunch too. There are a LOT of GME holders who are holding strong but have not DRS’d.

  27. No one is going to hurt you. I'm sorry to remind you that the only thing keeping the shorters alive are the shares in normal brokerage accounts. They can be used endlessly for re-hypothecation as locates for more shorting and further synthetic shares.

  28. I’m Canadian so I’m unsure if they can do that with my shares. I’ve looked into it and the information goes back and forth as to whether they can or cannot borrow them. I should check to see if there are any updates on it

  29. I like the cut of your jib good sir Ape but here's another thing to consider. I can guarantee you that unless it's cold hard GME back at Computershare it's synthetic. Shares conjured into existence via market maker short selling exemption. The brokers that you hold them with are little more than highly elaborate bucket shops (to use a historical term) and they themselves are betting against you. Their business model hinges on normal people being spooked by market volatility and selling for a loss. In the meantime no one on the other side of the trade has ever had to actually deliver you a real share. They fail to deliver (FTD) and then kick the obligation around in continual net settlement while they manipulate the market. And what do you think is going to happen when a critical mass of shares are DRSd and the system suppressing GME breaks. There will be a mad scramble for real shares while shorters have to close their positions. Is the broker going to honour your shares? Brokers are already changing their terms of service so that people are explicitly, by default and without choice, enrolled into their share lending service. They are laying the groundwork for those shares to go missing in the system when all hell breaks loose. Back at Computershare they legally belong to you. Anywhere else they are held that is not the case. You have beneficial rights to them. Not ownership.

  30. I live within a very drivable distance to their hq, does it have to be on the annual meeting day?

  31. You could message the OP and see what they think. Amongst all Apes they must know the most on this.

  32. This is a critically important post and here it is with barely 460 likes. Thank you very much OP for your hard work on this.

  33. We really need to be sending a dream team to see the ledger every year.

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