1. Jaldi jaldi andhbhakt bol deta hu facts jaaye gaand marane andhbhakt tu he hai

  2. Haa tabhi toh Hindu banke shaadi karte hai shaadi ke baad wo katwa nikal jaata hai phir wo ladki ko Islam mei convert ke liye force karta hai chutiye facts leke aa mummy ke basement se bahar nikal duniya dekh madarchod

  3. It's much more tough when a fatfck is on top of u..and when u realise u forever will be like this..

  4. Bro uske pass duniya bhar ka paisa hai 2 mahine bhi nhi Lagenge usko weight Kam karne mei

  5. Read history buddy kon kise gandi nazaro se dekhta hai pata chal jayega unke intention kaise hote hai or agar tu ye bata agar hum sabke intention unke jitne kharab rhte toh aaj ek muslim ladki nhi bachti

  6. Shame on you to being coward agar aise he maharana pratap or baaki shoorveer himmat har jaate toh ye bhi muslim country hota

  7. Well it’s a public hospital in India, a third world country, which means the hospital she is taken too is probably, no thanks to corruption, is underfunded, under equipped, overburdened, unsanitary, and where the staff is underpaid and undertrained, with corrupt workers and government officials embezzling the tax money intended for the upkeep of the hospitals for themselves.

  8. Wow you are soo smart to say this why are you not in CIA or fbi , damn !!!

  9. If you are comparing air pollution and water pollution to hospitals then you need checkup of basic iq god you don't know nothing even though all the pollution from rovers are cleaning but I think you didn't see that and also If you don't know most of the foreigners come to India for expensive treatment because this are all cheap in India compared to other countries and also we have density population thats why COVID rises soo fast and also in case if you don't how we handle COVID by vaccination just google it it don't take your much internet

  10. Please show me one instance where the liberals defended pedophiles ? Or pedophilia in general india

  11. It look like Pakistan also this tik tok account has a Muslim guy so you can't be 100% sure that it is from india

  12. People are just blaming india as a whole like domestic violence doesn't happen in their streets or country

  13. What a fucked up culture. The way they treat women there is abhorrent.

  14. Yeah we are beating every single women we see 🤡 if that's the case whole world is fucked cuz this type of things happen all around the globe

  15. Tere school me bible aur quran padha rahe me khud convent se padha hu mere school me kabhi bible nahi padhay

  16. Are gandu toh wo toh religious hua na bhagvat geeta thodi religious hai

  17. Abe madarchod time nikal ke padh le or shlok religion hai wahh re chodu bhagat duniya mei lakho chodu hai tere bada koi nhi hai

  18. Also can we say whatsapp university to liberandus I mean I literally see when govt decided to add shlokas of bhagvat geeta they start saying, don't make it religion!! Seriously bhagvat geeta is religious sometimes liberals or leftist stupidity is off chart

  19. I'm ashamed that even leftist hindus supporting hijab in school will they stop cock sucking radicals and think outside their agenda these naive Hindus are soo stupid

  20. As usual liberals learning from WhatsApp University and calling others whatsapp university usual tactics idk why indian leftist are soo stupid all time they say blatant lie openly

  21. As far I as i research about hinduism in ancient times it used as a pesticides and in modern day I don't know why they drinking this ( ik only a few would do this ), don't they do research on their own culture

  22. They never used to drink cow urine in ancient time. It's just right wing propaganda

  23. acha it was started by women themselves and later maintained by men?? bhai tu kisko chodu bna rha h?

  24. Uss time pe mahila aisi himmat rakhti thi aaj kal ki ladkiyon ki tarah woke ki chodi nhi hai

  25. Most stupidiest award goes to hindu girls ✨ girls you dropped this 🧠

  26. Liberals are just plain stupid whichever country they belongs to , and also this single man ( a hardcore liberal ) doesn't represent the whole Jewish or Israel's community leftist in India so hard trying to piss of the right wing in India so the right wing in India start abusing israel

  27. Saying this itself is vulgar and propaganda! Now because of this atleast we point out so called critics and idiots who call themselves intellectual

  28. Everyone here is criticising her but what she said is true indian government is hiding many things. I know we should not criticise our army but china is menace to us!

  29. Army ne bola hai toh hawe mei toh nhi bola hoga unka bhi reason hoga

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