1. Ron DeSantis is fast becoming one of the dumbest politicians America has ever seen, and Florida voters deserve him. All of this bullshit is going to come back and haunt him in 2024.

  2. Unfortunately, I disagree. The GOP loves him and eats up his batshit crazy beliefs. He will get voters the same way Trump did and we will be damned if he is elected as president. I hope the democrats have a very strong candidate because I’m fearful of DeSantis winning and how far that will set us back.

  3. There aren't quite enough MAGA crazies to elect another Trumplike nut. Remember Trump was only able to win the first time around because he was an unknown quantity and many normal people figured they'd give him a go. I think enough people are wise to the right wing clownshow politicians at this point.

  4. Anyone who thinks the cops have the "right" to execute people on the spot because they were guilty of a crime but who isn't an immediate threat to those cops is an unevolved heathen who does not deserve to live in a free, civilized nation.

  5. The man picked up a massive knife while just a few feet from the police. He had already stabbed someone. He was a threat.

  6. Not at the time he was shot, he wasn't. You do realize that substantially better trained, unarmed cops in other countries deal with these exact same situations on a regular basis without killing anyone, right?

  7. Anyone want to guess how many of these thousands of fascists are registered Democrats?

  8. I'm sorry but how could that possibly be "worse"? A child raised and indoctrinated by Nazis has absolutely zero chance of making it in the world. They are ruining their kids lives right from the get go. Being separated from parents is rough, but in this case it's literally the only chance they have of making a go of their lives. Get them away from the child abusing Nazi scum as a priority.

  9. This is coming from the kid who rode his bike to the school when there was a shooting just so he could get on the news for publicity. Little gun control lap dog.

  10. Nobody gives a shit what right wing gun nuts think about David Hogg, sorry.

  11. Ah, another conservative who doesn't understand what "developed" countries are. Great.

  12. Great. It's amazing how well Bach suits steel strings. I regularly play BWV 996 on mine and prefer how it sounds to a nylon string. Also most Renaissance lute pieces sound great on steel strings.

  13. Back in the day I obsessively transcribed everything by a certain artist and uploaded the tabs to alt.guitar.tabs on Usenet, and from there people would upload them to OLGA and other tab sites when they started. To this day, they dominate the online tabs for that artist. I have fond memories of Usenet, OLGA and all the early tab sites.

  14. I feel like you're exaggerating with the less than a minute part with the connection speeds we had in 1994 :)

  15. For images and audio maybe, but a simple text file with lyrics and chords downloaded in a few seconds.

  16. Anything by Martin Simpson but particularly The Bramble Briar and Prodigal Son.

  17. Android screenshots have a button to take it further down the screen. You can get as much of the page as you like.

  18. Just get off twitter. Why is anyone even bothering with it any more? It's complete cancer

  19. And yet you're here in a Twitter sub, reading all them Tweets, lol

  20. Yeah he was into QAnon and 2020 election conspiracies and posted hate against immigrants, Jews, communists and trans people. Couldn't possibly have been a fan of Donald Trump, right?

  21. Disbanded i.e. DEFUNDED. A good start, let's keep the ball rolling.

  22. I've played guitar every day for 35 years, it's my single greatest passion. I play advanced styles including concert level classical. However, I've never been interested in gear. I have a modest classical guitar, a steel string acoustic made 25 years ago by someone I know, and a Telecaster. The steel string acoustic is my main instrument I play 95% of the time and I just don't want anything else, I know it and its quirks inside and out and I know how to get the absolute best tone from it. Never had the urge to buy more guitars, even though I can afford it.

  23. Don't even think about it. There's nothing you can do about it so why worry? Danny Gatton was one of the best players in history and had short, stubby fingers. Django Reinhardt had only 2 usable fingers and was one of the best jazz players in the world. I've seen female classical guitar virtuosos with very small hands. It shouldn't be an issue.

  24. The city can’t make up its mind with this bike lane. I feel like it’s been in 3 different parts of the street since they added it.

  25. I would assume that this is done by a construction company as they are legally required to provide a bike lane go-around if they need to block an existing one.

  26. The barriers appeared today as well which is why I thought it was the DOT

  27. He did “Jack shit”. Yeah he did, he went to her aid. OP makes it sound like he just stood there and kept going.

  28. No. OTHERS went to her aid. He eventually got his shit together and went to watch other people giving her aid.

  29. He stopped his speech to check on her. What else can he do?

  30. If that was my pregnant wife I would have been on the case in 0.01 seconds. He just stood there and let everyone else do it for him.

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