1. I need somewhere i can buy eggs in singles. I don't like eating eggs just for baking..

  2. useing 2fa on your amazon account is a REALLY good idea. and mitigates this type of issue

  3. is that one litter.. hard to say but looks liek 8-10 heads in there

  4. #1 thing i Rember from this show is that the recasted JO mid season and the new girl had the acting skill of a piece of plywood for a few esp.

  5. I'd imagine a large portion of the viewership is IT professionals. That so many ads are for enterprise device management and network management software makes me think that as well.

  6. if you wait long enough maby the open the the portal home.

  7. From what i am reading the city is going into full thow the cops involved under the bus mode. Hopefully this means we don't get the level of public unrest we have seen before and tells other cities not to try to cover up or justify cops behaving badly.

  8. This is one of those things where the started premiss is good.. There are people out there who have mentally degraded in one was or another where they are no longer able to properly function and the state needs to step in and not just let them wonder the streets. But we all know that this many someones will abuse this system to stip anatomy from people who they should not. Much like conservatorships and similar programs for their own greed or because they are on a power trip or some sort of religious/ethnic issue

  9. I don't spend $150 a month on Groceries.. (Single and i shop at aldi and sams club)

  10. just had to call my elderly neighbor from work because this looks like hers. but she says her dog is with her

  11. the logitech powerplay mat takes the place of dongle if you want to drop that kind of $$ i can say i have it and its nice not to have to charge it anymore.

  12. gamesir xpro II on my pixel 6 here works fine..

  13. its an interesting concept but the devil is in the details. what's taxed and what not.. Houses Thats a BIG OUCH and basically means most people never change homes buying a 1st home would be panful enough likely not though since they can be considered an investment but what about home improvements? Cars also ouch! and less avoidable may make 10 year leases a thing if its only on sales not leases.. Day to day expenses likely ok with the prebate and lack of payroll taxes but the fact that my savings is going to be effectively double taxed burns me to the bone.

  14. It’s in Orange County Animal Services

  15. my 1st and only cat was a 5 year old.. now 15 year old smuggle void.

  16. Did that fucking cop just laser a hole through a bridge? Here in the future, that'll take like 8 months of construction work to fix. I hope one of the episodes is just a long trial holding those cops responsible for the destruction of public property. Now that would make a quality series finale.

  17. Note no rebar in chunk or hole. These guys have some pretty insane material science concrete . they just need to plug bottom and pour in a replacement plug

  18. oh its live on cloud? i checked a few hours ago when i was on my lunch break.. can't wait to check it out

  19. what they need is smartphone checkout like at sams. I love that no wait just scan everything as i thow it in cart.

  20. How to get a meeting with HR... Bring this to office use were co workers can see you,,

  21. Does it share the same problem as the regular X2 when it comes to game streaming from Game Pass?

  22. I have the non xbox version of the x2 pro the button covers pop off for so you can reverce ab xy easly

  23. Can you use M1 and M2 as a dedicated buttons on it's own or they can only duplicate other buttons?

  24. never use them myself just checked retro archo and game pad tester don't register them

  25. depends where you going but customs may.. I know brazil gave a co worker grief for brining 3 made him do extra paperwork that make sure all 3 left county with him or pay the import taxes.

  26. that is officially committed to a fandom

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