1. Das ist total easy, Lego wenn man Ideen hat irgendwas zu bauen oder Star Wars will (Star Wars Lizenz ist einfach king leider), bei allem anderen ist playmobil tausend mal geiler. Die Bierkrüge und Tische in den Ritterburgen waren einfach genial.

  2. Poah also mein cousin hatte das große Piratenschiff mit Kanonen die auch schießen konnten, mein bester freund in der grundschule hatte die ritterburg und ich hatte auch mal ein schiff, bin mir unsicher welches, aber das problem das playmobil im vergleich zu lego in jeder hinsicht einfach scheiße ist bleibt bestehen und ist einfach fakt.

  3. Ich fange keine Internet Diskussionen an. Guter Geschmack ist einfach schwer zu finden und das macht nichts 👍🏻😂

  4. Im not from the us or Canada can someone tell me what a friendsgiving is? And how does the neighbour already know that it’s a friendsgiving and not a normal thanksgiving get together?

  5. It's one of those new trendy made up words. Normally people celebrate Thanksgiving with family but these people are celebrating with friends instead and so they call it friendsgiving. I think OP actually told the neighbors ahead of time which is how they knew.

  6. That’s so interesting to me! Usually I’m totally one of those „I’ll keep it in case I REALLY need it later down the road :/„ players (health, „increase _“ potions and stuff like that). But I’ve never been like this with the arrows in Skyrim for whatever reason, I’ll always use whatever arrow looks best on the back of my characters current armor though. Mostly Ebony because nightingale armor rocks lol.

  7. "Can't we just take him to omega to get him some lap dances."

  8. Garrus, when brought to Tuchanka for Grunt's loyalty mission and talking to Wrex.

  9. The fact that there is no way to respec attributes somehow is soooo fucking lame. I don’t want to start a whole new game to try out a gorilla arm build for a few encounters. At least give us like 1 or 2 respecs only so it’s still balanced. On the other hand, it’s a single player game to hell with balance

  10. Honestly disagree on singling this one out as the one that’s “not as good as the rest”. I watched it and was pleasantly surprised, it’s a really fun show and far from the worst thing Star Wars has made

  11. The Star fighters are cool af and Lego made a nice set about it. The only unsettling part for me is that droid with a flight helmet, no idea why but I dislike the look of that guy

  12. Why do you go out of your way to put upside quotation marks but can't bother to capitalize proper nouns? Just curious.

  13. Im not from an English speaking country and for me (german keyboard on my phone) the quotation marks are just set up to be like this. The first one is always on the bottom and the other one is at the top because that’s how we do it in our grammar. I know that it’s incorrect for English but I forget to switch to an English keyboard sometimes and now we’re here lol. So typing this „“ is basically the same as “” this for you, not really anything I have to “go out of my way“ for. (See what I did there with the „“ thingies haha)

  14. Luke Skywalker is a proper noun so the L and S are capitalized. Germany is a proper noun so the G is capitalized. So it's improper to put luke skywalker.

  15. Ok good to know, I’ll still write in un-capitalised letters because it’s easier to do lmao

  16. I love your sole survivors look way more than the power armor lol. The tuxedo and hat combination with the bandana and those weird glasses go hard for some reason

  17. I’d rather fight a king cobra than a chimpanzee that’s for sure. Those fucking apes are scary af. BTW if you haven’t already there’s a great trilogy of movies, one of the best ever..

  18. Kingdoms of amalur reckoning! There is a remastered called KoA:Re-Reckoning out there for the ps4/xboxone series of consoles, really great game. (They’ve also released a totally new dlc for it as well, the old dlcs of the OG game are already included in the re-reckoning version)

  19. It’s super duper stupid hard on the hardest difficulty, like, really stupidly hard imo, unfair even (I suck). But on normal it’s totally fine and a really great Role playing game experience. Worth checking out if your into some older style games, it felt very „ahead of its time“ though imo.

  20. I love the soldier simply for the mattock slow time action from ME2. The machine gun you get on the collector ship is also great for soldiers, but the mattock simply hits different. Shout out to the infiltrator and the Kasumi submachine gun + BW though.

  21. For all those rebutting that "combat is better", "movement is better" etc, the main thing about ME was never combat, it was the roleplay aspect of it, the plot, the character development, the choices you made, the adventure, the politics. And all these foundations that made ME great are severely lacking in ME Andromeda.

  22. Combat and movement feel very good but they are totally crippled by the weird open world Design choice imo. It’s cool to run around and jetpack climb stuff, but it gets stale if you’ve gotta do it for 3 hours on every empty planet just to do fetch and „find“ quests (WHICH ARE ALSO AT RANDOM LOCATIONS WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS FUN)

  23. Yea that’s way more infuriating to me than the „players look too old“ debate going on. I’d rather have a player not look like they’re 16 yo because you’re going to spend way more time with them when they’re in their 20s-30s and the child face does simply look stupid at this point in time lol

  24. I usually get players that could be in their 60s so they won’t ever fit their age

  25. I think the system that locks you out of usable iconics without crafting is bad. I mean without crafting pretty much every single found legendary „normal“ gun is better than its exotic counterpart because of the mod slots. There should be a way to pay someone for crafting. It should be ridiculously high priced so it doesn’t make the technical tree redundant, but at least allows players that haven’t specced into tech to have one or two legendary iconics.

  26. Is it normal for them to also add what they think the proper amount of tip money/percentage is? Lmao what the fuck

  27. Im not from an English speaking country myself, but I like to play games in English for a second playthrough. I didn’t even know that „let’s delta“ and „corpo“ were cyberpunk slang lmao, legit thought they were used irl as well

  28. Can you explain this? “Better skill xp is from using a grindstone”, do you mean using grindstone on the iron daggers?

  29. The amount of exp you get for smithing a new item at a forge or smith „enhancing“ an item with the grindstone/armor table depends on the worth of that item or how „good“ it is when you’re done. Say you have a potion that increases your smithing for like 30000000000% (which is totally doable) it would require you to smith enhance literally only one weapon because the weapon is so „good“ after you finished that the amount of smithing exp you get for this one weapon will level you up to 100 instantly. So my guess is since the bow is worth more than a iron dagger it will level up smithing faster. If it’s better from a money standpoint though is another question.

  30. It’s funny that so many people are asking this because I’m pretty sure over 50% of all fallout players do a „bad guy“ playthrough and absolutely kill and ravage everything they come across. No shit the worlds still bad if even the „god characters“ are being assholes

  31. Mass effect had 90+% of players playing paragon in their first play through, which is the one you often explore the world the most in

  32. I myself am strictly paragon or „good“ in pretty every game I play, read about those mass effect statistics too. Maybe it’s just a YouTube thing, but most videos or playthroughs or stuff like that I come across are mostly evil or at least morally questionable.

  33. Zeigt mMn vor allem die Gewohnheitsgucker, die dieses Jahr einfach fehlen, weils nur Negativschlagzeilen gibt und immer weniger beworben wird...

  34. Glaube dass es genau anders rum ist, die gewohnheitsschauer sind die 9Mio und die ganzen „richtigen“ Fußball Fans schauen eben nicht zu. Andererseits ist es in meinem Freundeskreis sehr ausgewogen, habe einige „richtige“ Fußball Fan Freunde die sagen sie schauen trotzdem und welche die sagen sie boykottieren den Mist. Bei den casual Schauern ist es genauso. Also keine Ahnung 😂

  35. I once one shot-ed a Mythic Death Claw and a Glowing Death Claw. One bullet two headshots in the glowing sea. Never has my gun slinger ever been that awesome before. Vats shot with them lined up, sniper sneak attack with my lever action. Through one head and through the other. I didn't get that much XP from the both of them.

  36. Wait that’s possible? I never ever even thought about that lmao. I think I’ve read somewhere that Gauss rifles are capable of collateral hits, but never actually saw it myself. If you did it with a lever action rifle, then shouldn’t it be possible with every type of weapon? That’d be awesome

  37. House of the dragon was very good and andor was very good. Wouldn’t really compare both though. Andor was one of the best Star Wars stories since rogue one though imo. (What a coincidence since their made by the same dude lmao)

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