1. The scene you're referring to is a nod to George Orwell's classic political allegory, "Animal Farm." In the book, the pigs take control of the farm and become corrupt, eventually becoming just as oppressive and tyrannical as the humans they had overthrown. The scene you mention, in which Napoleon is mocked like a "ziggie piggie," is a reference to this corruption and the transformation of the pigs into tyrants.

  2. It’s time to go touch grass and interact with real people my guy

  3. Houston is always at least 3 hours away from Houston

  4. You just have to sit back. crack a beer and hose thier nests from the next hill over with your HEAVY INCINERATOR or GRENADE LAUNCHER.

  5. nothin more punk than using cannons as an instrument

  6. Tchaikovsky, you can’t use canons as an instrument.

  7. I got my kids hooked on them. I feel like they are underrated. Most rock isn't really talked about or publicized anymore. They got the imagine dragons over there.....

  8. They still tour, and put on a great show. If they are old enough I’d suggest taking them to see the Offspring live. At least while you still can

  9. I’ve always wondered about this. Alt-righters get routinely and thoroughly dunked nonstop on Twitter, and never change or understand.

  10. If those kids could read they would be very upset

  11. Will either of the TF franchises ever have good news?

  12. Somebody should really do an AMA about that someday

  13. In case someone is as confused as me about what the hell does Vatican have to do with this:

  14. They were unable to verify in the end, they specialized in young boys so the results were inconclusive.

  15. I plan on dying in an illegal offshore floating casino crash caused by a monkey knife fight gone horribly wrong.

  16. This unlocked some memories. This is the movie where he saves the kid by driving the toy ambulance in the end! I remembered that scene but not the movie it was from. What a flashback

  17. I thought that was an older Legend of Zelda game for a split second there

  18. This came unexpectedly in a bulk buy. It works, including the fan but it is so filthy. Anyone know how to clean this thing up? Especially the rubber grips on the sides and the plastic cover on the thumb stick?

  19. Just gotta take it apart and put all the plastic pieces in a soapy bath, then clean with alcohol. Or alternatively just put it back in the box and don’t look at it

  20. Any chance it be possible to get a male to female adapter to make this work with a standard headphone Jack? I’d love to try and get chat working on insignia but I’d prefer to not get the soldering iron out.

  21. I bought an N64 USB adapter so I can play with my brass gears and steel bowl modded controller. Come at me joycon plebs! /s

  22. This video activated my fight or flight response

  23. This meme is so dated that most of these actors are too old to play the mercs grandparents

  24. My favourite fireteam consisting of. Me, myself, my other self and I

  25. Finally a team I can rely on to make sure that when I lose; it’s actually my fault.

  26. Up next a marathon of “OW! My Balls!!”

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