1. Relativt säker att det där är från Grillska Huset

  2. Den här Redditören kan sina fika ställen!

  3. there anything on the internet that really 'scares' us any more...I mean let's say it was the 'other horse riding how would that be any worse than that dude that got hit my the train, or the dude who fell into the grand canyon, or the video of people getting blown to bloody bits in Urkanie?


  5. Are you writing these stories for your devoted followers or are the chaos gods paying you for them?



  8. Det är ju rätt enkelt, regionerna måste bara betala fast anställda vad de betalar för stafett-personal. Då får de behålla personalen.

  9. Kan politikerna börja med samma lön som undersköterskor och sen säga att lönen inte är avgörande så börjar jag tro på dom.


  11. I play SS both as healer and dps and I can say that problem with 1 retarded dps is huge. It is like we all know after 1 game who is going to get nuked the next round and you as a healer need to save that stupid dps life when he runs off out of sight just to die.

  12. But that way you only fight two at once, he talked about fighting all four at once

  13. Send a link plz I want to get a new addiction.

  14. Till och med Dynamit-Harry är med på en hörna!

  15. Jävla Dynamit-Harry varför släpper dom ut han tidigare för bra uppförande!?

  16. Now make man attacked by a swarm of ticks.

  17. Fun "misconception about frogs" fact, the frogs in that experiment were lobotomised beforehand.

  18. So how do we lobotomise 99% of the ppl? - the 1%

  19. GW just has a better legal department to advise of these backlashes.

  20. That not even the half of it too, wizards own the copyright to the fan made content, not you, and they explicitly say they can reproduce the content at any time without your consent.

  21. Wow they really want the company to die.

  22. When she first appeared I absolutely thought she was Winnie the Pooh'ing it, and then he started cutting her shirt off. Yeah if it's not a fetish video, that doesn't change the fact that someone is jerking off to this as we speak.

  23. All major celebrities are currently played by Nicolas Cage


  25. Still got that number asking for a friend?

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