Polish revenge

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Sometimes the result email takes more time, I emailed them about the results and they told me they had already informed me of the failed form but the actual email took another day to arrive.

  2. Wipe your pc, I did that after getting hacked

  3. Got hacked by a too, but he hasn't login since which I am thankful since he didn't delete anything

  4. As an upper caste Hindu. This is extremely wrong and every uc hindu should understand this and change this mentality immediately

  5. How does one know if a person is upper or lower caste?

  6. Can we have Anwar and muhyiddin just 1v1 on the new cod. Whoever wins is PM.

  7. As I Malaysian, I wish he stays there permanently

  8. All the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ peoples are in tremble right now.

  9. Not just them la, straight people are trembling too

  10. Email this to CS, I heard that monetary threats get them to work faster.

  11. They are mostly russians, I am not religious but I pray everynight that they get drafted to Ukraine and turned into a sunflower.

  12. Thank you very much, as a Russian myself I really appreciate the hate speech here. 🙃🙃🙃

  13. Not wishing bad on all russians just that particular cunt.

  14. Yea, I downloaded some shady video editing software for uni and was hacked the next day. I wiped my laptop to prevent anymore hacks.

  15. Mine was 2 days off, I hope that's ok. I realized after I sent the form.

  16. do not access your account! the hacker may be alerted to the activity and trash your hard work! just wait on recovery forms :)

  17. Yea, I login once to take screen shots and login to anniversary event to find the date I created the account and immediately logged out. It was a email the Russians really are a meance on earth, I want to skin the fucker alive.

  18. I am on second try too. The first one I think I got the first device wrong and didn't list any additional info. This time I followed the format given by the subreddit.

  19. It was clearly Boris Johnson leading the SAS trained attack dolphin squad.

  20. It seems that the hacker is using your uid, I don't think you can change your uid so as long as they don't get the code it should be fine.

  21. I didn't know we can use UID to login

  22. The text says someone is using uid to login to website right?

  23. Nice, just send my 3 days ago. Downloaded shady video editing software and got hacked, I hard reseted my computer.

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