Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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Cute but creepy


  1. Yes, atleast as an international Master's student in engineering. (Landed an internship that has more or less already paid for my first year tuition and will be getting tuition benefits next semester because I'm a TA)

  2. Redditors always complain about gatekeeping and saying gay shit like let people enjoy things but my comment is such a redditor comment? Sure bud

  3. So games with daily chores are worse for peoples mental health? Or is that a big jump

  4. I'm an intern/grad student so I have access to both synopsys and cadence tools

  5. Does any streamer know how to cook ? Lol

  6. Do you remember how much is required officially on the I-20 for one year?

  7. I think something like 32k. You should be able to check it on your applications website

  8. I haven’t applied yet. I’m still completing my undergrad so I won’t know. Maybe if you could check for me, it’d be really helpful

  9. BS Neuroscience 2022. Working a research job for 34k

  10. Yes for the thousands of years of instances. I would love to use your argument, but without actual 1000 year old references, it seemed difficult?

  11. How have I created a situation? The original comment said "all guys".

  12. I’ll never stop laughing at people that wear them alone in their cars, or going out to get their mail or just walking on the sidewalk alone.

  13. I always wore masks in spring while walking because I dont want a damn allergy and now I can't do that shit without some moron thinking I'm scared of a virus I got twice

  14. I'm sorry Americans but "off of" is my linguistic pet hate.

  15. Native english speakers typing could of instead of could've makes me so mad as a non native english speaker

  16. The problem is when those ideal are not upheld.

  17. I love the ideas America was built upon, but it's sad to see what it has become today. I think it was actually the best country a while back

  18. That's why I said with any fidelity, obvious more intense emotions cone through but your not going to get nuance and subtlety or "chemistry" from not knowing what they are saying.

  19. You dont need to understand the language to know people work together well. The only subtelty you might lose would be references only Japanese people would get (like in Gintama). As far as I remember, I don't think I saw any subtle references or puns that you would get only if you were japanese in konosuba. Don't let your views on subbed shows stop you from actually watching them!

  20. I don't have time to watch every show twice most of the time I'm going with dub period end of story, and I've participated in discussions on shows I have watched in sub and things definitely went over my head due to me not being a native speaker of the language. And it wasn't references and memes which are lost in translation in dubs anyway. Which I don't mind as it just means more research I have to do. You've just re-enforced my view that must sub watchers are completely talking out of their ass. Good day sir

  21. Lmao I wasn't even calling dub trash and you're here taking this shit personally. I was just telling you why people like the kono suba sub and maybe you don't find it as good because you watched the dub. You don't need a masters in linguistics to know when some voice acting is better than others. Like how the death note dub is better than the sub. Also I'm not asking you to watch it again. I just asked you to maybe give the next season a shot in the sub. Why tf are you having a meltdown lol

  22. No, I don't think the government has a right to force you to wear a mask or get vaccinated. Every establishment (including government-owned and tax-paid facilities) in the country, however, has a right to refuse service and entry.

  23. We’ll never be able to come to an agreement on this because there’s a fundamental disconnect between right and left on what constitutes a human life.

  24. And in his own special little concurrence to the decision, Clarence Thomas recommends the court next eliminate rights to contraception, queer relationships, and gay marriage.

  25. Why is contraception an issue? Like why do they have a problem with this? Do they WANT unplanned pregnancies? Wtaf

  26. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure Amps is the key here not volts. People survive shocks from 10k volts, as long as the volts are higher than the resistance of our skin it’s the amperage that kills people.

  27. Both for sure. People say it's the amps because it's the charge that flows through you that kills you (basically rate of change of electric charge is current). However, an electric charge has no reason to flow through you if there is no mouth watering potential difference that the charge can see. So you can practically have a source that can send 100A through you but doesn't because the potential difference between you and the source is 0. Similarly, you can have a source that is capable of producing only 0.0001A but the potential difference could be 50k V, still you wouldn't die because there's not enough charge to kill you.

  28. Because he sucks and can’t take a hint or her telling him no. I had a guy do this to me, found me at a show and wouldn’t leave me alone even after my best friend (who’s a guy) told him to back off. Then the dude cornered me as I was waiting outside for my Uber. I had to text my best friend again and he came out and waited with me until the car came because I felt that unsafe. Some guys just don’t get it.

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